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Sealing: A temple ceremony binding a husband and wife together for eternity, or binding children to their parents if the children were born outside of Mormonism.

According to church manuals, “God made it possible for families to be together forever. He has given the leaders of His Church the authority to bind families together forever. This binding together is called sealing. This sealing can take place only in a temple” (Gospel Fundamentals, 2002, p. 177). And this comes from the 1998 Church Handbook of Instructions: “The purpose of a temple marriage, referred to in the scriptures as ‘the new and everlasting covenant of marriage’ (D&C 131:2), is to seal a husband and wife for time and eternity… Only a marriage that has been sealed in the temple and confirmed by the Holy Spirit of Promise can be eternal (see D&C 132:7)” (p. 69. Ellipses mine).

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