Mormonism 101 Revised and Updated: Leader’s Guide

Mormonism 101: Revised and Updated is being released in April 2015. In this article is information that can be used with the discussion questions given at the end of each of the 18 chapters. These questions can be used by the individual as a reminder of what the chapter covered or by a group desiring an impetus to further discuss the content of the book. Included are Internet links for further information. Purchase Mormonism 101 at Utah Lighthouse Ministry,,, or your favorite Christian retailer. And if you have a chance, please write a review of this book on any of those sites!

In Their Own Words: A Collection of Mormon Quotations

I imagine that many people think that Bill McKeever (the founder of Mormonism Research Ministry) and I have photographic memories when we provide many quotations on our Viewpoint on Mormonism podcast at what may seem to be the drop of a hat. While Bill certainly has an incredible memory, we must admit that the vast majority of our quotes comes from our regular use of a resource called In Their Own Words, which we utilize on almost every broadcast we air. What is this resource all about? Check out a review here. SPECIAL: During the month of April, for a gift of any size to MRM, we will send you as our thank you a PDF searchable version of In Their Own Words via email. Simply click our “Donate” button on the top right hand corner of our main page. If you are sending a check, please mention this offer and include your email. We will send this to you as an downloadable attachment.