Selected Testimonies of the Book of Mormon

By Sharon Lindbloom 5 August 2016 LDS Church News published an opinion piece yesterday (4 August) that notes a few “Testimonies of the Book of Mormon” wherein people “witnessed the power of God working through” Joseph Smith during the book’s “translation” process. Included are the testimonies of: Emma Smith, who was amazed at Joseph’s “ability to … Read more

Did Emma Smith approve of polygamy?

By Eric Johnson Some Latter-day Saints may rationalize Smith’s behavior. After all, some might think, his wife Emma must have been a believer in this practice. Actually, Emma Smith approved of plural marriage for only a short time–maybe a few weeks–but she otherwise always despised polygamy and her husband’s involvement with this practice. In their book Mormon … Read more

Was Joseph Smith an Abusive Husband? A review of Mormon Enigma

Was Joseph Smith an Abusive Husband? A review of Mormon Enigma

By Bill McKeever

The following was originally printed in the Sept-Oct 2009 edition of Mormonism Researched. To request a free subscription, please visit here

Book Review: Mormon Enigma: Emma Hale Smith

Emma Smith (1804-1879) may not be as well-known as her husband, Joseph Smith, Jr.Cover for NEWELL: Mormon Enigma: Emma Hale Smith but understanding this woman is important for anyone who desires a more complete picture to the Mormon story. In this 1994 book, two female historical researchers—Linda King Newell and Valeen Tippets Avery—tackled the life of the first wife to the founder of the Mormon religion. This review takes a closer look at the book and sheds an interesting light on the woman whose deepest conflict with her husband involved his plural marriages to many of her friends and their daughters.

Emma Smith: My Story

Reviewed by Bill McKeever

When I first saw the billboards along Interstate 15 advertising Emma Smith: My Story, I wondered how much of “Emma’s story” was going to actually be told. When the trailers for the film started airing on local Salt Lake television stations and I saw that much of the film appeared to be left over footage from Joseph Smith: Prophet of the Restoration, I had no illusions that this was going to be another sanitized version of Mormon history. After viewing it, my suspicions were confirmed.