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8 reasons why you ought to consider coming to Israel/Turkey with MRM in February 2015! (especially if you've never been before)

One of our objectives at Mormonism Research Ministry is getting people to understand that there is so much truth in our Bible. By visiting the Holy Land, we have a chance to empirically experience this land in a way just reading the pages in our Bible could never do. That is, you will get a chance to taste, touch, and feel the Holy Land, including marvel at the sunset over the Sea of Galilee, walking on the ramparts (walls) of Old Jerusalem, and smelling the inside of the cave where the Dead Sea Scrolls were first discovered in 1947. Learn more in this article.

A Look at the Teachings of Presidents of the Church: Joseph Fielding Smith

During 2014, LDS members will be studying the latest manual published by their church, Teachings of Presidents of the Church: Joseph Fielding Smith We will evaluate this book regularly, chapter by chapter, by showing interesting quotes and providing an Evangelical Christian take on this manual. These reviews are written by MRM's Eric Johnson.


Taking the Offense without Being Offensive: An Evangelism Strategy

Suppose your favorite NFL team is headed to overtime in a tie game and ends up winning the coin toss. Would you want your team to kick off or receive? It’s a no-brainer. Even the most defensive-minded fan wants his team to have the ball. After all, the team receiving the kickoff can win the game by scoring a touchdown in its initial possession. While the defense could cause a turnover, pick up the ball, and run eighty yards for the tie-breaking score, there is a better opportunity to get into the end zone when your team is in control. When it comes to evangelism, is it possible to take the offense without being offensive?

When tomorrow is too late: An Evangelism Strategy for "We'll all find out at the end"

During a friendly dialogue that I had recently with a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS, Mormon), I made a point that seemed to strike a chord. After a few seconds of awkward silence, the Latter-day Saint said (in a most respectful way), “What you’re showing me appears to be correct. I’m not sure how to answer your objection to my faith. I guess we’ll all know in the end anyway, won’t we?”  Is there a way to respond when the Mormon deters to figuring out truth after death?        

Paul Carden's keynote address at MRM's 35th anniversary

Paul Carden of CFAR is the keynote speaker at MRM's 35th anniversary, held March 28, 2014. Hear his address here.  

MRM is 35!!!

On Friday, March 29th, MRM had a celebratory dessert in Utah honoring the ministry's 35th anniversary. God has been good to us! If you would like to see a special video montage/slide show showing some of our history, click here. We thank all of our supporters, both prayer and financial, for all you have done to allow us to minister in Utah. If you would like to give a special gift in honor of this occasion, click here. Watch for upcoming special clips from the night of the dessert. May God richly bless you!

The Joseph Smith Translation: An improvement over the original? Or 'Much Ado About Nothing'?

An article published in the April 2014 Ensign (“The Atonement of Jesus Christ: Insights from The Joseph Smith Translation," written on pages 52-57, with no attribution to its authorship) explains that “Joseph Smith’s translation of the Bible enhances our understanding of the Savior’s suffering, death, and Resurrection.” To prove this point, the article covers five different events during the last two days of Jesus' life leading to His death on Calvary. Is the Joseph Smith Translation beneficial to readers today of the Passion Week accounts?


In Their Own Words: A Collection of Mormon Quotations

I imagine that many people think that Bill McKeever (the founder of Mormonism Research Ministry) and I have photographic memories when we provide many quotations on our Viewpoint on Mormonism podcast at what may seem to be the drop of a hat. While Bill certainly has an incredible memory, we must admit that the vast majority of our quotes comes from our regular use of a resource called In Their Own Words, which we utilize on almost every broadcast we air. What is this resource all about? Check out a review here. SPECIAL: During the month of April, for a gift of any size to MRM, we will send you as our thank you a PDF searchable version of In Their Own Words via email. Simply click our "Donate" button on the top right hand corner of our main page. If you are sending a check, please mention this offer and include your email. We will send this to you as an downloadable attachment.

Should Christians (or Mormons) Participate in the Hare Krishna Holi Festival of Colors?

The Hare Krishna religion sponsors a popular colorful party near Easter-time called the Holi Festival, or the “Festival of Colors.” It is touted as an innocent rite of spring and a celebration of new life. The highlight for participants is throwing colored chalk into the air as well as each other. The Spanish Fork Hare Krishna temple in Utah is located about 40 minutes south from Salt Lake City and annually hosts more than 70,000 revelers who partake in two full days of  partying, with the vast majority of the celebrants not belonging to the Hare Krishna religion. (In 2014, the dates are Saturday and Sunday, March 29-30.) This is apparently the largest Holi Festival in the year outside of India! Is the Holi Festival a time for innocent fun? And is this something Christians (or Mormons, for that matter) are given freedom in the Bible to participate? Check out this detailed report.

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