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Live in Utah? Come hear MRM throughout the month of August

If you live in the Utah Valley area, you are invited to come to free events during the month of August. On August 18 (First Baptist Tooele), and August 25 (Crosspoint Church, Taylorsville) from 9 a.m. to noon, come hear MRM contributors to Sharing the Good News with Mormons talk about chapters found in the new book and share possible approaches to Mormons that you might like to consider. In addition, MRM will host an event on Thursday, August 30th at Grace Community Bible Church in Sandy, UT from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m. All the events are no cost and a book table will be available. For more information, click here.

Sharing The Good News with Mormons Official Website

Sharing the Good News with Mormons officially released with Harvest House Publishers in June 2018. This official website is housed by MRM and contains a number of helpful tools, including bonus chapters, helpful links, and more! We invite you to get the book and have this site as an additional resource. Click here.

Does John Newton’s Amazing Grace belong in the LDS Church hymnal?

This 6-minute YouTube video explains why the answer is “absolutely not”! Click here.

Take the Mormonism IQ test!

How high is your understanding of Mormonism, including its history and doctrines? See how well you do on this 11-question quiz! Click here.

Travel with MRM on the Footsteps of Paul New Testament Tour in March 2019!

Would you like to go with MRM to three countries full of biblical history?  You will never read your New Testament the same. Those who register ($300 per person) by May 31, 2018 will get $125 off the price of the trip to Turkey and Greece/Italy. Click here for more information.

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Review: The Mormon Hierarchy: Wealth & Corporate Power

When it comes to money, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has plenty. How much? Nobody except the accountants at the Church Administration building in downtown Salt Lake City could hazard a somewhat accurate guess.  But there is no doubt that, each week, tens of millions of dollars enter its confers through church-owned Zion’s Bank. every week, more than anyone probably could ever imagine. In his newest book The Mormon Hierarchy: Wealth & Corporate Power (Salt Lake City, UT: Signature Books, 2017), D. Michael Quinn—author of other “hierarchy” books—Origins of Power (1994) and Extensions of Power (1997)—pieces together the Mormon empire of wealth. Click here for a review on this book.

Missionary Numbers, Converts Keep Going Down, Down, Down

On the first day of its spring General Conference on Saturday, March 31, 2018, the LDS Church announce how many convert baptisms took place in 2017 as well as how many missionaries are currently on the field. The past two years have seen a huge decrease in missionary participation and conversions to the church. Why is that? Read more here.

Top 10 Teachings of Mormonism not supported by the Book of Mormon

According to Joseph Smith in the History of the Church 4:461: “I told the brethren that the Book of Mormon was the most correct of any book on earth, and the keystone of our religion, and a man would get nearer to God by abiding by its precepts, than by any other book.” Just what are those precepts talked about in the Book of Mormon that make it the most correct? If this is the case, then why does Mormonism have so many teachings that are not found in or are even contradicted by the Book of Mormon?

Review: This is My Doctrine 

Check out a review of This is My Doctrine, a book written by BYU professor Charles Harrell. In addition, links to the 25-episode podcast series aired on Viewpoint on Mormonism are also available along with the PDF file containing 50 pages of notes and references during the podcast series, which has now just been made available. Click here.

The Dead Sea Scrolls: It’s Time for LDS laypeople to stop using these manuscripts as evidence for Mormonism

While church leaders and many LDS scholars no longer point to the Dead Sea Scrolls for support of ancient Mormon doctrines, there are some who continue to do so. The parallels used by those Mormons hoping to find a smoking gun connecting Mormonism to the people who copied and compiled the Dead Sea Scroll texts are quite a stretch, including the assertion that the Essenes believed in the preexistence, eternal families, and temple ordinances. When the Scrolls and the lives of the Essenes are studied, however, these parallels cannot be found. Besides an extended article with documented evidence, a week-long Viewpoint on Mormonism podcast series takes a closer look at this topic. Click here.

Finding a Christian Church Fellowship in Utah–Updated

While there are no perfect churches, it’s commanded in the Bible for Christians to be in felllowship with other believers. Since 2012, MRM has recommended churches throughout the state of Utah. Our list has just been updated, offering good Bible-believing fellowship choices for wherever you live in Utah. We’ve cataloged these by county locations. If you need a church home, check it out! And if you know a good Utah church not on our list, tell us at [email protected] To see 150 church names, go here.

How important is the Trinity in Christianity?

trinityTo that question, we believe that accepting the Trinity is a cornerstone of the biblical Christian church. Unfortunately, Mormonism’s leaders have not only denied this belief but even mocked it. So just what is the Trinity? Is the teaching even understandable? Check out our new page that offers articles, YouTube videos, blogs, and podcasts. If the Trinity is true, it needs to be defended by the Christian who has questioning friends and neighbors. Click here to see what’s available.

The Gospel Topics Essays–Introduction and Links

In an attempt to deal with several vital historical issues propagated by the LDS Church throughout the years, the Mormon Church has been producing essays since late 2013 under its “Gospel Topics” section of its website, attempting to reconcile the facts with what had been taught by earlier leaders and church manuals. To see these links to the LDS Church website along with MRM’s responses, click here.

To access all the podcasts, visit here. For an organized catalog, go here.


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