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We ordered 10,000 of these new tracts on faith with no money in the budget. The expense is now on our credit card statement and they won't take one of these bills in exchange (even if we allow them to keep the change!). During October, for a minimum electronic donation to MRM of $9.99 or more, we will send you a packet of 50 of these tracts to your mailing address. If you would like to do this, go the the right side of our main page and click the the yellow "Donate" button, which will take you to Paypal. (Or you can go here and scroll to the bottom.) Feel free to give more . . . just end your gift with 99 cents (i.e. $20.99, $50.99, or $100.99) to indicate that you want this gift to go to this evangelism project. We'll mail these out at the end of October. Thank you!

Quote of the Week

Simply feeling remorseful is not repentance. True repentance leads to a new and righteous pattern of life.

--John B. Dickson, “After the Manner of Happiness,”Ensign, February 2008, p. 17. 


A Look at the Teachings of Presidents of the Church: Joseph Fielding Smith

During 2014, LDS members will be studying the latest manual published by their church, Teachings of Presidents of the Church: Joseph Fielding Smith We will evaluate this book regularly, chapter by chapter, by showing interesting quotes and providing an Evangelical Christian take on this manual. These reviews are written by MRM's Eric Johnson.


10 reasons why a person ought to consider becoming a Christian

Are there good reasons for a person to consider becoming a Christian? We think there are!

Is The Miracle of Forgiveness nothing more than Spencer W. Kimball's opinion?

Some people have argued that Spencer W. Kimball's book The Miracle of Forgiveness is not authoritative because what he wrote is just his opinion. They may even point out that Kimball was "merely" an apostle and not a prophet when he wrote the book. Several points can be given in rebuttal.

The 1838 Mormon War in Missouri

Not everyone likes history, especially Mormon history. But if there is a particular year that ought to be understood for a better comprehension of Mormonism, the year would have to be 1838. For those who have heard of "Gov. Boggs," the "Salt Sermon," and the Hahn's Mill massacre, this is the book that must be read.

Is the LDS Jesus different than what is taught in the Bible?


A Mormon writes us to say that the Jesus of Mormonism is the same Jesus of the Bible. How accurate is this? We respond with three reasons why this is not true.

The Exclusion of Non-Mormons at Temple Weddings

What is supposed to be the most important and happiest days for a couple's life oftentimes turns into one of the saddest. When someone with non-LDS family gets married, it too often turns into a wrenching of the heart, as nobody except those with LDS temple recommends are able to see the ceremony inside the temple. 

The 2013 Race and Priesthood Statement

The LDS Church came out with a statement last year regarding the priesthood ban for black males before 1978.  Was this teaching a principle or a doctrine?

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