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Struggling? Have you discovered troubling aspects of your Mormon faith and wonder what to do?
Churches in Utah Living in Utah or just visiting? A list of some recommended places to worship.
Mormonism in the News Media articles about Mormonism with commentary from MRM’s Sharon Lindbloom.

 Mormonism 101 for Teens: PDF copies available now! 101 teens marketing

While there are many resources available for adults on the topic of Mormonism from a Christian point of view, nothing has been directed toward Christian teens. Until now. MRM’s Eric Johnson has authored Mormonism 101 for Teens: The Religion of the Latter-day Saints Simplified, a 110-page book that will help make the Mormon religion understandable to teens and interested adults everywhere. From now through the month of July 2016, you can reserve an electronic PDF file of this book for a donation to MRM. This is a pre-publication copy, as the hard copy will not be available until September. The PDF file will be emailed to you beginning on June 20th, 2016. (After that, please give us up to a week to deliver it.) To see the index, listen to podcasts with the author, read the introduction, and get a feel for what this resource is all about, click here.

“Credit for Trying”: A Loophole for Latter-day Saints?elder_holland_speaks_at_breakfast_meeting_in_uk

In his April 2016 general conference talk, Apostle Jeffrey R. Holland has come up with a term that is already being used by Latter-day Saints in their apologetic efforts. According to the LDS general authority, Latter-day Saints can get “credit for trying” to keep their covenants. Did he mishandle his own church’s unique scripture? How does this coincide with previous teaching? Check out a week-long Viewpoint on Mormonism series as well as this article by MRM’s Eric Johnson. Click here.

 Finding a Christian Church Fellowship in Utah–Updated

While there are no perfect churches, it’s commanded in the Bible for Christians to be in felllowship with other believers. Since 2012, MRM has recommended churches throughout the state of Utah. Our list has just been updated, offering good Bible-believing fellowship choices for wherever you live in Utah. We’ve catalogued these by county locations. If you need a church home, check it out! And if you know a good Utah church not on our list, tell us at [email protected] To see 150 church names, go here.

may 2016 ensign jpg10 Things You Can Learn About Mormonism by Reading the Ensign Magazine

The Ensign is an official publication of the LDS Church. Latter-day Saints all over the world are supposed to study its messages, especially the general conference issues that appear twice a year. What are 10 things about Mormonism that can be learned by reading this magazine? Michael Rabus reports. Click here.

7 ways Mormon leaders aren’t budging on traditional LDS doctrinesIMG_0001

There are some Christians—including those possessing Ph.D.’s—who have come to the conclusion that Mormonism has moved ever so close to Christian orthodoxy in recent years. While some folks—including a few BYU professors and LDS apologists—appear to delight in allowing this impression to be made to the outside world, this isn’t what the LDS leadership seems to be saying. Click here.

A review of From Baptist Preacher to Mormon Teacher

from baptist preacherClaiming that he once served as a “Baptist Preacher,” Wain Myers believes that  God personally directed him to join The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Myers has written a 2015 book describing his conversion to Mormonism as a former “Baptist preacher,” a title that has caused many to assume that he was a full-time pastor. Despite receiving income for his preaching work, Myers admits that his life during this time in the 1990s was wrecked with immoral choices and a sinful lifestyle, making him anything but a positive role model for those who listened to him preach. What is Wain Myers all about? Click here to read a detailed book review and analysis by MRM’s Eric Johnson.

How important is the Trinity in Christianity?

trinityTo that question, we believe that accepting the Trinity is a cornerstone of the biblical Christian church. Unfortunately, Mormonism’s leaders have not only denied this belief but even mocked it. So just what is the Trinity? Is the teaching even understandable? Check out our new page that offers articles, YouTube videos, blogs, and podcasts. If the Trinity is true, it needs to be defended by the Christian who has questioning friends and neighbors. Click here to see what’s available.

Would you like to go to the Holy Land in February 2017?ISR_1690

Going to the Holy Land will energize your Bible-reading life, as you will have a chance to be in the same places as those who are portrayed in the Old and New Testaments. Archaeologist Joel Kramer will make a special 3-day visit from Jordan to take us to such places as Jericho, Shiloh, Valley of Elah, and Qumran Cave 1 where the Dead Sea Scrolls were first discovered. Join MRM’s Bill McKeever, Eric Johnson, and Randy and Carol Sweet! This trip is curretnly sold out, but we are currently taking a waiting list. (No funds from MRM will be used for this trip.) Click here for details.

The Gospel Topics Essays–Introduction and Links

In an attempt to deal with several vital historical issues propagated by the LDS Church throughout the years, the Mormon Church has been producing essays since late 2013 under its “Gospel Topics” section of its website, attempting to reconcile the facts with what had been taught by earlier leaders and church manuals. To see these links to the LDS Church website along with MRM’s responses, click here.

New Temple Square Visitor’s Guide getting handed out by the hundredsIMG-page-001 (1)

One of the things that the folks at MRM like to do is share the Christian gospel throughout the state of Utah. A favorite hang out is Temple Square in downtown Salt Lake City. A Temple Square Visitor’s Guide has just been designed for dual audiences: Latter-day Saints and those who have never heard of Mormonism. It is handed out weekly at Temple Square. To read the PDF file, click here.

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This week’s Viewpoint on Mormonism podcasts

Last week Dick (“Papa”) Baer, 81, a former Mormon who was a ministry partner for many years, passed away to be with the Lord. This week we are replaying a 5-part interview we did with him a few years ago.

To access all the podcasts, visit here. For an organized catalog, go here.

During 2015, LDS members will be studying the latest manual published by their church, Teachings of Presidents of the Church: Howard W. Hunter, twice each month. Each chapter is evaluated from a Christian worldview. Below are the most recent reviews, which will be studied this month at local LDS chapels by the membership.

Who’s Who in the Mormon GravesMaesser, Karl and Wives (1)

Over the past few years MRM’s Bill McKeever has collected photographs of a number of prominent Mormon grave sites from across the United States, including the first fifteen presidents of the church, a number of apostles, and other men and women of interest. Next spring MRM will offer a free Saturday afternoon group tour of the Salt Lake Cemetery (where many LDS general authorities are buried)…we’ll advertise the date here when we get closer, but you won’t want to miss this. For now, check out

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