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President Thomas S. Monson passes away at the age of 90

Thomas S. Monson (1927-2018), the sixteenth president of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints died of natural causes on January 2, 2018 at the age of 90. Except for a short stint in the military, Monson was employed for his entire life by the LDS Church. He will be replaced by senior-ranking Apostle Russell M. Nelson, 93. For more on Monson, click here.

What Happens when the LDS Prophet is Mentally Incapacitated?

A reflection on the fact that Mormonism relies on aged men, causing us to ask the question, “Has the LDS Church been guided by a cognizant man over the past few years?” Could the same health issues happen to 93-year-old successor Russell M. Nelson. And the next two in line after him are in their late 80’s. This is an interesting problem created by the LDS Church hierarchy. For more, click here.

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Which painting of Joseph Smith translating the gold plates should you trust?

For many years, Latter-day Saints were led to believe that Joseph Smith translated the Book of Mormon by looking directly at the gold plates he supposedly dug up out of the ground that had been buried by Moroni, the last living Nephite, in the fifth century AD. This same Moroni is said by LDS leaders to have come back as an angel almost fourteen centuries later; Moroni introduced Smith to the plates in 1823, allowing him to take them home in 1827. Take a look at both paintings and see the differences. For the article, click here.

Whatever happened to Emily and Eliza Partridge?

Two sisters were polygamously married to both Joseph Smith and Brigham Young. Chosen by Emma Smith to marry her husband–though Joseph had already married them behind her back–these two young women have a story to tell. Whatever happened to them? Read the article written by MRM’s Bill McKeever that was published in the September/October edition of Mormonism Researched here.

 Review: Changed Through His Grace

In 2017, BYU professor Brad Wilcox wrote a book about grace that seems to go against much of what the traditional viewpoint has been, based on teachings from General Authorities and what is recorded in church manuals. What is Wilcox’s view of grace as compared to these other leaders? MRM’s Bill McKeever looks at this issue here.

Question of the Month: Should I allow my child to attend a Mormon church service?

New Feature: This month we take a look at a question raised by a Christian parent who wants to know whether or not a child should be allowed to attend a Mormon Sunday service when invited by her Mormon friend. Is this recommended? Click here to see how MRM’s Eric Johnson answers this tough question.

Check out our Temple Square Visitor’s Guide 

This Temple Square Visitor’s Guide is handed out throughout the year in downtown Salt Lake City, especially during the summer months to interested tourists. See it here.

Review of “This is My Doctrine”: The Development of Mormon Theology

Charles R. Harrell, a professor at Brigham Young University, wrote a book in 2011 that describes the development of Mormon doctrine. Find out more in this review by MRM’s Eric Johnson.

Is the Mormon Doctrine of Preexistence True?

The entire Mormon plan of salvation rests on the idea that all people once existed as spirits in a “preexistent” realm. Verses from the Bible, especially the Old Testament, are trotted out to support this idea. If preexistence is true, then Mormonism is correct in saying that all humans had to earn their way to become endowed with human bodies, necessary for anyone to progress to godhood. Does this important doctrine have any biblical support? Click here.


Evangelistic book edited by MRM’s Eric Johnson to be printed by major publisher 

In 2018 a book filled with ideas on how Christians can share the Christian faith with their Mormon friends, neighbors, and relatives will be released by Harvest House…read the press release here.

 Finding a Christian Church Fellowship in Utah–Updated

While there are no perfect churches, it’s commanded in the Bible for Christians to be in felllowship with other believers. Since 2012, MRM has recommended churches throughout the state of Utah. Our list has just been updated, offering good Bible-believing fellowship choices for wherever you live in Utah. We’ve cataloged these by county locations. If you need a church home, check it out! And if you know a good Utah church not on our list, tell us at [email protected] To see 150 church names, go here.

How important is the Trinity in Christianity?

trinityTo that question, we believe that accepting the Trinity is a cornerstone of the biblical Christian church. Unfortunately, Mormonism’s leaders have not only denied this belief but even mocked it. So just what is the Trinity? Is the teaching even understandable? Check out our new page that offers articles, YouTube videos, blogs, and podcasts. If the Trinity is true, it needs to be defended by the Christian who has questioning friends and neighbors. Click here to see what’s available.

The Gospel Topics Essays–Introduction and Links

In an attempt to deal with several vital historical issues propagated by the LDS Church throughout the years, the Mormon Church has been producing essays since late 2013 under its “Gospel Topics” section of its website, attempting to reconcile the facts with what had been taught by earlier leaders and church manuals. To see these links to the LDS Church website along with MRM’s responses, click here.

To access all the podcasts, visit here. For an organized catalog, go here.

During 2015, LDS members will be studying the latest manual published by their church, Teachings of Presidents of the Church: Gordon B. Hinckley, twice each month. Each chapter is evaluated from a Christian worldview. Below are the most recent reviews, which will be studied this month at local LDS chapels by the membership.

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