Crash Course Mormonism: A Concise Overview of the Unique Teachings of the LDS Church

By Eric Johnson

Here is a series of articles describing the essential unique teachings of Mormonism. Each article is supported by instructive citations from prominent church leaders, the Standard Works, and church publications. An attempt has been made to keep each piece to approximately 1,000 words. At the end of each article, a short Christian response (with applicable citations from God’ Word, the Bible) is provided along with links to common Bible verses wrongly used to support this particular teaching and recommended links for additional research. There a total of seven categories, with 3-7 articles listed under each.

To check out a glossary of words with shorter definitions (typically one paragraph per term), visit “A-Z: A Simple Introduction to Terms Used by Latter-day Saints.”

Issues of Beginnings

Issues of Authority

Issues of the Godhead

Issues of Salvation

Issues of Church Ordinances / Practices

Issues of the After-Life