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The Photo of the Statue of the Apostle Peter and LDS President Russell M. Nelson

By Eric Johnson A Viewpoint on Mormonism episode on this topic will air during the week of April 15th. During the weekend of March 10, 2019, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints flew all fifteen of its general authorities to Rome, Italy–a nation where up to 85% of its residents are Roman Catholics–as the […]

Will the LDS Church overturn the ban on hot drinks?

By Eric Johnson There has been plenty of Internet speculation during the past few weeks concerning a possible change in Mormonism that would allow coffee and tea. According to the rumor mill, LDS Church leaders will make an announcement at general conference this weekend allowing hot drinks, including coffee and tea, formerly all banned in the […]

2009 News Stories

Court says LDS Church must release long-veiled financial information PORTLAND, Ore. — The Oregon Supreme Court rejected an effort by the Mormon church to withhold financial information from the lawyers for a man who claims a “home teacher” frequently molested him about 20 years ago. Despite the legal defeat, the Church of Jesus Christ of […]

Warum akzeptieren Christen das Buch Mormon nicht? (Why don’t Christians accept the Book of Mormon?)

von Sharon Lindbloom Während eines Treffens in Baltimore Maryland im Jahr 1998, bemerkte der damalige Präsident der HLT Kirche Gordon B. Hinkley: „Ich kann nicht verstehen warum Menschen anderen Glaubens, das Buch Mormon nicht akzeptieren können. Man würde vermuten, dass sie sich nach zusätzlichen Zeugnissen der großartigen und feierlichen Wahrheit der Bibel umsehen würden.“ (Liahona […]

2 Nephi 25:23: Saved by grace “in spite of” all we can do?

By Eric Johnson Note: The following was originally printed in the November/December 2018 edition of Mormonism Researched. To request a free subscription, please visit here. At a recent church meeting where I spoke about The Miracle of Forgiveness evangelistic approach described in a chapter found in Sharing the Good News with Mormons (Kregel, 2018), two young male LDS missionaries […]

The Apologetics Study Bible Trip to the Holy Land March 6-18, 2020 With your host Cindy Albert Photo: Our scheduled guide Andre (right) with Eric Johnson (center) near Qumran Have you always wanted to see the Holy Land? Would you like to walk where Jesus walked? Do you have a thirst to learn more about […]