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Joseph Smith’s Teachings about Priesthood, Temple, and Women

Joseph Smith’s Teachings about Priesthood, Temple, and Women The Gospel Topics essays were published between 2013-2015 covering a variety of issues, many of which were controversial. In this, the last essay released by the LDS Church (October 23, 2015), the issue of ordaining women is tackled. Let’s take a look at the essay (underlined), with […]

Book of Mormon Translation

By Eric Johnson The following is one of the Gospel Topics essays published on that is meant to explain hard teachings. The portions underlined come from the essay, with my analysis below.  Because we will try to be short and to the point as much as we can, we will reference a number of sites […]

Review of Blacks and the Mormon Priesthood: Setting the Record Straight

By Marcus H. Martins, Ph.D. Reviewed by Eric Johnson Note: The month of June 2015 marks the 38th anniversary of Spencer W. Kimball and the members of the First Presidency deciding to allow those with black skin to begin receiving the priesthood. Let’s take a look at a book written with the intention of “setting […]

First Vision Accounts: Response to the Essay

A good Mormon will be able to explain Smith’s supposed vision of God the Father and Jesus. As part of the Gospel Topics Essay, Joseph Smith’s First Vision account is described and defended by the LDS Church. But what about the different accounts that provided contradictory details? Did Smith see angels or did he see God the Father and God the Son? This response to the church’s essay goes along with 10 Viewpoint on Mormonism radio shows (podcasts) that will air beginning June 3, 2014.  Along with  our podcasts as aired on Viewpoint on Mormonism, this article provides our response to the church’s essay. For any Paypal gift to MRM during the month of June, receive a PDF version of Wesley Walters’ booklet “The Palymra Revival & Mormon Origins.” See article for details.