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Should Christians (or Mormons) Participate in the Hare Krishna Holi Festival of Colors?

The Hare Krishna religion sponsors a popular colorful party near Easter-time called the Holi Festival, or the “Festival of Colors.” It is touted as an innocent rite of spring and a celebration of new life. The highlight for participants is throwing colored chalk into the air as well as each other. The Spanish Fork Hare Krishna temple in Utah is located about 40 minutes south from Salt Lake City and annually hosts more than 70,000 revelers who partake in two full days of  partying, with the vast majority of the celebrants not belonging to the Hare Krishna religion. (In 2015, the dates are Saturday and Sunday, March 28-29.) This is apparently the largest Holi Festival in the year outside of India! Is the Holi Festival a time for innocent fun? And is this something Christians (or Mormons, for that matter) are given freedom in the Bible to participate? Check out this detailed report.