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Joseph Smith’s Remarks on Happiness

by Sharon Lindbloom 23 April 2018 The Mormon Church talks a lot about happiness. For example, the Church calls its restored gospel “The Plan of Happiness.” LDS leaders have taught that “the very purpose of our lives can be defined in terms of happiness,” and “the things of the earth were created for our happiness.” […]

Mormon Leaders and Imperfections

By Sharon Lindbloom 15 June 2016 Last week a “Defending the Faith” column by Daniel Peterson appeared in the Deseret News: “Are you looking for a church with perfect leaders?” In the article, Dr. Peterson argues that Mormons should not expect perfection from their leaders because they are mortal humans who are “going through the […]

Nauvoo Polygamy

Nauvoo Polygamy: “…But We Called It Celestial Marriage”   By George D. Smith Reviewed by Eric Johnson Polygamy (or plural marriage as it is also called) was a major issue for the LDS Church in 2014, as three different Gospel Topic essays on this topic were published. For many Latter-day Saints, the information disseminated by the church—including […]