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10 reasons why the Book of Mormon is rejected as scripture by Christians

By Eric Johnson

For a December 2011 Viewpoint on Mormonism podcast asking if the Book of Mormon is from God, click Is the Book of Mormon from God?

1. There is no archaeological support for this book.

2. There are entire sections copied from books available only after the Book of Mormon was supposedly written.

3. There is no evidence Joseph Smith had the ability to translate such plates.

4. The plates would have been impossible to move for three miles.

5. There were a number of changes made in the Book of Mormon after the original 1830 publishing, even though Smith supposedly received his translation word for word.

6. There is no manuscript evidence to support the existence of such a book.

7. Accepting a book by prayer is never recommended in the Bible.

8. Nobody ever saw the plates with their physical eyes.

9. There is no evidence that the people described in the Book of Mormon ever existed.

10. The ideas found in the Book of Mormon coincide with written materials available to Joseph Smith.

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