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Acts 22:16: Baptism as a Requirement for Salvation?

While water baptism is something that every Christian has been commanded to do, Mormons, Catholics, and some Church of Christ members are taught that baptism is a requirement for salvation. According to this view, this verse means that the cleansing from sin takes place through baptism. A verse interpreted like this is taken out of context since the Bible teaches how Jesus went to the cross in order to pay for the sins of all believers. Romans 10:8-13 shows that salvation is a result of belief alone. Titus 3:5, meanwhile, says that goods works, even baptism, do not qualify a person for heaven. Paul even taught in 1 Cor 1:17 that he was not sent by God “to baptize, but to preach the gospel.” While baptism is certainly important for every believer, this act is unable to make a person right before God. Instead, we are “justified by faith in Christ and not by the works of the law” (Gal 2:16).

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