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Is Christianity a less intelligent worldview than atheism?

Many atheists want Christians to think that belief in God is a weak position. For instance, they may argue that God cannot be seen (Rom. 1:20) even though it is true that He is everywhere present (Col. 1:17). In fact, the effects of His existence can be seen just like an invisible wind moves tree branches. Science cannot be used to support the ideas often advocated by atheists, including the supposed “Big Bang,” as there is no observable and repeatable evidence that can be trotted out to support this theory. The problem of evil may seem like an intelligent objection against Christianity, but atheists have an impossible task explaining why they believe something is really wrong (1 Cor. 8:2). When the evidence for the Christian position is placed next to the reasons why atheists believe the way they do, should atheism really be considered the more intelligent viewpoint?

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