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Bible. One of the four Standard Works. The official translation used is the King James Version of the Bible. According to the Eighth Article of Faith, the Bible is true only “as far as it is translated correctly.” Joseph Smith said, “Ignorant translators, careless transcribers, or designing and corrupt priests have committed many errors” (Teachings of the Prophet Joseph Smith, 327). The First Presidency confirmed this idea in 1992 when they wrote, “The Bible, as it has been transmitted over the centuries, has suffered the loss of many plain and precious parts” (Presidents Ezra Taft Benson, Gordon B. Hinckley, and Thomas Monson, “Letter Reaffirms Use of King James Version of Bible,” Church News, June 20, 1992, 3). BYU Professor explained that “the Bible is not, and was never intended to be, our sole guide, our template, our standard against which we measure what we teach or believe” (Review of Books on the Book of Mormon, 6:1, 198-199).

Contrary to the doubt that the Mormon Church places on the accuracy of the Bible, there is more evidence in the historicity of the Bible than any other ancient book.

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