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Continuing Revelation Definition

Continuing Revelation: God’s ongoing communication to humankind through the words of General Authorities and their ability to receive direct guidance from God in the latter days. According to thirteenth LDS President Ezra Taft Benson, “In our day we are blessed with the Doctrine and Covenants, modern revelation. The words of the prophets, particularly the living President of the Church, are crucial reading and can give direction and comfort in an hour when one is down” (Conference Reports, October 1974, p. 92). According to Apostle L. Tom Perry, “It is contrary to the economy of God for any member of the Church, or any one, to receive instruction for those in authority, higher than themselves” (Perry was citing Joseph Smith, “We Believe All That God Has Revealed,” Ensign, November 2003, p. 86).

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