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Covenants. Two-way oaths, or promises, made by members with God in baptism/confirmation, the weekly sacrament, temple endowment, and temple marriage (sealing), all of which must be kept to receive exaltation. When the member keeps the promises, God keeps His promise of blessing; when the promises are broken, God is under no obligation. Quoting sixteenth LDS President Thomas S. Monson, the July 2012 Ensign (“Understanding Our Covenants with God: An Overview of our Most Important Promises, p. 22) explains that “sacred covenants are to be revered by us, and faithfulness to them is a requirement for happiness. Yes, I speak of the covenant of baptism, the covenant of the priesthood, and the covenant of marriage as examples.” The article continues, “A covenant is a two-way promise, the conditions of which are set by God. When we enter into a covenant with God, we promise to keep those conditions. He promises us certain blessings in return. When we receive these saving ordinances and keep the associated covenants, the Atonement of Jesus Christ becomes effective in our lives, and we can receive the greatest blessing God can give us–eternal life (see D&C 14:7).” (p. 22)

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