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  • Angell, Truman (1810-1887):  Salt Lake City Cemetery: A pioneer who served as the official LDS Church architect, designing the Salt Lake Temple, the Lion House, the Beehive house, and the St. George temple, among other buildings. (Wives)
  • Baldwin, Caleb (1791-1849): Salt Lake City Cemetery: Was in Liberty Jail with Joseph Smith in 1838 (back).
  • Bement, Bingham (1817-1854): Salt Lake City Cemetery: Mormon pioneer in 1852, impaled in lumber accident and blessed by Brigham Young (back).
  • Bennett, John C. (1804-1867): Polk City Cemetery, IA: Served as mayor of Nauvoo, IL (2/1/1842-5/17/1842) and was Major General of Nauvoo Legion. Excommunicated from LDS Church for “adultery” and practicing “spiritual wivery,” just as Joseph Smith did (he said).
  • Brown, Samuel (1832-1858): Salt Lake City Cemetery: “Massacred by the Indians” at the age of 27.
  • Browning, John Moses (1855-1926): Ogden City Cemetery (1875 Monroe Ave.): Known as the “Father of Modern Firearms,” he had a total of 128 gun patents.
  • Bullock, Thomas (1816-1885): Salt Lake City Cemetery: A polygamist who served as a Seventy and worked with the Church Historian’s Office.
  • Cahoon, Reynolds (1790-1861): Salt Lake City Cemetery: An original member of Joseph Smith’s Council of Fifty and mentioned four times in the D&C.
  • Call, Anson (1810-1890): Bountiful Memorial Park Cemetery (2224 S. 200 W.): Joseph Smith “prophesied” that he would come to the Rocky Mountains (marker).
  • Cannon, John Q. (1857-1931): Salt Lake City Cemetery: He was editor-in-chief of the Deseret News and Second Counselor of the Presiding Bishops (general authority). The story of an affair he had with his wife’s sister (Louie Wells) was published by the competing Salt Lake Tribune and Cannon was excommunicated. His father, George Q. Cannon, had John’s wife (Annie) divorce John because Louie was carrying John’s baby.
  • Christiansen, ElRay Laver (1897-1975): Salt Lake City Cemetery: Assistant to the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles.
  • Clayton, William (1814-1879): Salt Lake City Cemetery: a clerk and scribe to Joseph Smith.
  • Daubenheyer, Andrew (1792-1845): Tull Cemetery, Nauvoo, Ill: “Killed by the Mormons in Sept. 1845.”
  • Draper, William (1776-1854): Draper City Cemetery (1020 E. Pioneer Rd.): Founder of Draper, UT.
  • Dunbar, William C. (1823-1895): Salt Lake City Cemetery: One of the first missionaries to go to France; he later became a Seventy.
  • Durham, G. Homer (1911-1985): Salt Lake City Cemetery: Became a Seventy in 1977 and became a member of Presidency of the Seventy, a position he held until his death.
  • Fisher, Josephine (1844-1924): Salt Lake City Cemetery: Thought by some to possibly be the daughter of Joseph Smith and one of his plural wives, Sylvia Sessions. No substantial DNA evidence supports this theory.
  • Fowler, William (1830-1865): Manti (UT) City Cemetery (50 S. Main): Author of the LDS hymn “We Thank Thee, O God, For a Prophet.”
  • Fullmer, David (1803-1879): Salt Lake City Cemetery: A member of the Council of the Fifty.
  • Hunter, Milton R.  (1902-1975): Salt Lake City Cemetery: A Seventy who authored The Gospel Through the Ages, a Melchizidek Priesthood manual published in 1945. QUOTE: “Jesus became a God and reached His great state of understanding through consistent effort and continuous obedience to all the Gospel truths and universal laws” (The Gospel Through the Ages, p. 51).
  • Huntington, Prescendia L. (1810-1892): Salt Lake City Cemetery: A plural wife of Joseph Smith and, later, Heber C. Kimball.
  • Whitney, Helen Mar Kimball (1828-1896): Salt Lake City Cemetery: A polygamous teenage wife of Joseph Smith. After Smith’s death in 1844 she married Horace Kimball Whitney, the son of Newell Kimball Whitney.
  • Kimball. J. Golden (1853-1938): Salt Lake City Cemetery: Known as the “Swearing Apostle.”Named a Seventy in 1892. QUOTE: “Cut me off from the Church? They can’t do that! I repent to damn fast!”
  • Lee, John D. (1812-1877): Panguitch (UT) City Cemetery: A 19th century southern Utah church leader who was involved in the infamous Mountain Meadows Massacre. Though over 50 men were involved in the crime, Lee was the only person executed for his role. Marker and close-up.
  • Maeser, Karl G. (1828-1901): Salt Lake City Cemetery: Maeser was principal for 16 years at Brigham Young Academy, which later became Brigham Young University. Wives, 
  • McConkie, Joseph Fielding (1941-2013): Salt Lake City Cemetery: Son of Apostle Bruce R. McConkie and a professor at Brigham Young University. QUOTE: “Perhaps we need to rethink the idea of seeking common ground with those we desire to teach. Every likeness we identify leaves them with one less reason to join the Church. When we cease to be different we cease to be. The commandment to flee Babylon has not been revoked, nor has it been amended to suggest that we seek an intellectual marriage with those not of our faith. The fruit of such a marriage will always be outside the covenant” (“The First Vision and Religious Tolerance,” Joseph Smith Symposium, November 5, 2005. Italics in original).
  • Miller, Larry H. (1944-2009): Salt Lake City Cemetery: Prominent Utah businessman who owned the Larry H. Miller Group, with holdings including a number of auto dealerships along with professional Utah sports teams Utah Jazz (NBA) and the Salt Lake Bees (AAA MLB, affiliate Los Angeles Angels). Back.
  • Nibley, Preston (1884-1966): Logan City Cemetery (1000 N. 1200 E.): Assistant church historian under Joseph Fielding Smith.
  • Page, Hiram (1800-1852): Excelsior Springs, MO: One of the “Eight Witnesses” to the Book of Mormon.
  • Pratt, Sarah M.(1817-1888): Salt Lake City Cemetery: First wife of Apostle/polygamist Orson Pratt and a critic of polygamy. An active participant in the Salt Lake City Anti-Polygamy Society.
  • Reynolds, George (1842-1909): Salt Lake City Cemetery: Best known for being a party to a polygamy test case called Reynolds v. United States in 1878. The Supreme Court ruled in 1879 that polygamy was not supported by the Constitution.
  • Roberts. B.H. (1857-1933): Centerville City Cemetery, UT (655 N. 1250 W.): Member of the First Council of the Seventy who was denied a seat in the U.S. Congress because of his polygamy. He published the six-volume Comprehensive History of the Church.
  • Rockwell, Orrin Porter and close-up (1810-1875): Salt Lake City Cemetery: Nicknamed “the Destroying Angel of Mormondom,” the bodyguard of Joseph Smith and Salt Lake City lawman.
  • Sessions, Patty Bartlett (1795-1892): Bountiful Cemetery: Polygamous wife of Joseph Smith.
  • Shurtliff, Lewis W. (1835-1922): Ogden (UT) City Cemetery: Member of the Council of Fifty. His daughter Louie married tenth President Joseph Fielding Smith.
  • Skousen, Cleon (1913-2006): Salt Lake City Cemetery: Conservative author who has been frequently cited by radio/TV commentator Glenn Beck.
  • Smith, Eldred G. (1907-2013): Salt Lake City Cemetery: Patriarch of the Church from 1947-1979, when that general authority position was eliminated. Gave 20,000 patriarchal blessings in his lifetime.
  • Smith, Hyrum (1800-1844): Salt Lake Cemetery: Oldest brother of Joseph Smith who was murdered in the Carthage Jail with Joseph. Plaque 1, Plaque 2, and Plaque 3 on the memorial dedicated in 1918.
  • Smith, Hyrum/Christopher Nemelka and backside (1961- ): Salt Lake City Cemetery: Nemelka claims to be the reincarnation of Hyrum Smith.
  • Smith, John (1781-1854): Salt Lake City Cemetery: Uncle of Joseph Smith and a later polygamist.
  • Smith, John (1832-1911): Salt Lake City Cemetery: Nephew of Joseph Smith and son of Hyrum Smith. He was the fifth Presiding Patriarch of the LDS Church.
  • Smith, Joseph, Sr. (1771-1840) and Lucy Mack Smith (1775-1856): Nauvoo, IL: Joseph Smith’s parents and their children.
  • Snow, Eliza Roxcy (1804-1887): Mormon Pioneer Memorial Cemetery: Sister of fifth President Lorenzo Snow and plural wife of both Joseph Smith and Brigham Young. Poet and song-writer whose work is still read/sung by Latter-day Saints today.
  • Toronto, Joseph (1818-1883): Salt Lake City Cemetery: One of the first LDS missionaries to Italy.
  • Vose Sayers, Ruth (1808-1884): Salt Lake City Cemetery: A plural wife of Joseph Smith.
  • West. Chauncy W. (1827-1870): Ogden (UT) City Cemetery: Among the first LDS missionaries to Sri Lanka. Polygamous, married to 9 wives with 35 children.
  • Whitmer, David (1805-1888): Richmond (VA) Cemetery: One of the “Three Witnesses” to the Book of Mormon.
  • Whitmer, John (1802-1878) and marker: Kingston Cemetery (MO): One of the “Eight Witnesses” to the Book of Mormon and the church’s first historian.
  • Whitmer, Jacob (1800-1856): Pioneer Cemetery (Richmond, VA): One of the “Eight Witnesses” to the Book of Mormon.
  • Whitney, Orson F. (1855-1931):  Son of Horace Whitney and Helen Mar Kimball Whitney, the 14-year-old plural wife of Joseph Smith. Became an apostle in 1906.
  • Willie, James Gray (1814-1895) and back: Mendon City Cemetery, UT: Leader of the Willie Handcart Company that was stuck in the cold of Wyoming during the late autumn of 1856 and many members of the team died.

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