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Jesus is My Temple Recommend

By Aaron Shafovaloff

Jesus said for people not to cast their pearls before swine. What Mormonism has essentially said (via their actions) is that billions of non-Mormon Christians around the world are not fit to be given LDS temple pearls, and are hence swine. Jesus does not like it when people treat the Bride of Christ as swine. The Bride of Christ has full access to the riches and excellencies and blessings of Jesus Christ!

Indeed, we already have what we need in Jesus.

Our Temple Recommend

As Christians, our “temple recommend”, our access to the holy of holies, to the most precious things of all, is not a piece of paper with a bar code. Rather, the person of Jesus Christ himself is our temple recommend. Our relationship with him grants us access to everything God has in store for us.

Our Tokens

Furthermore, our tokens for entering the Celestial Kingdom are not hand clasps, but rather faith, as it were, in the hands of Jesus himself. The marks in his hand from the nails which nailed him to the cross. Faith in Jesus is our token for entering the highest heavenly kingdom, the presence of God himself.

Our Apron

Furthermore, we are not to put on a green apron after Satan tells us to hide and cover ourselves. Rather, we are to rebuke Satan, spurn the green apron, and instead embrace Jesus himself as our sin-covering. Adam and Eve tried to cover themselves. But God replaced their self-made covering with his own covering, foreshadowing Jesus himself as our atonement.

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