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Joel Kramer and Archaeology: A 16-episode YouTube series from the Holy Land

For a 13-minute Viewpoint on Mormonism show on this topic that aired Friday, April 3, 2015, click on Biblical sites videos 

In February 2015, a group of a dozen adults from the United States traveled with Bill McKeever and Eric Johnson to see the Holy Land. Three of the eleven full touring days were spent with filmmaker and archaeological student Joel Kramer, a former Utah pastor who is finishing a graduate degree in archaeology at Hebrew University in Jerusalem.

At practically every place we visited, Joel pulled out his Bible and read from the scripture. Being at the site and hearing God’s Word explained, the evidence for these historical events became even more clear. Most of the sites we visited were in the West Bank, a treasure of ancient sites but not often visited by tourists. There is something special to visit these sites where few to even no tourist buses can be found. What treasures we were able to behold because we chose to be adventurous and get off the beaten path!

MRM’s Eric Johnson followed Joel around with a solitary Sony video camera and a Bluetooth microphone, which provided us with excellent sound regardless of the wind or background noise. For three days, almost every speaking moment at each site was recorded–more than 8 hours of footage was shot–and the crux of his talks are included in these videos. If you watch the entire series, you will get–for the most part–the same explanation our group received….without having to leave the comfort of your own home! A special thanks to Joel Kramer for allowing us to film this series.

MRM is happy to bring you exclusive coverage of these archaeological sites, one episode per week for the next four months. We hope you enjoy them.

For 4 videos from 2017

For 4 videos from 2018:

About Joel Kramer:

In 2007, Joel, his wife, and his children moved from Utah because he saw how many people leaving Mormonism went directly to agnosticism and even atheism. He recognized the importance of providing information about the truth of the Bible. You can visit his website at and we encourage you to check out his many video shorts here.

Besides working on a number of important archaeological projects, Joel has produced a number of excellent DVDs, which we recommend.

Among his feature-length DVDs:

In Israel (SourceFlix):

We at MRM again salute Joel Kramer and the excellent work he has done with his commitment to disseminating the truth.

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