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John 14:2: 3 Kingdoms of Glory

According to Mormonism, there are three kingdoms of heaven called the celestial, terrestrial, and telestial kingdoms. This verse, used with 1 Cor 15:40, is often referenced to support this teaching. However, such an interpretation is incorrect for several reasons.

First, Jesus was comparing heaven to a house with many “dwelling places,” an example that Jesus’s listeners would have understood. After all, it was common for families to add onto their existing houses in order to accommodate the children’s new spouse(s) and future children. The original listeners of Jesus’s teaching certainly would not have equated “many” with “three,” as “many” implies a greater number than three or four. Instead of trying to explain the existence of three kingdoms, the main point Jesus was making here is that heaven will be a very special place where believers will live with Jesus. And what a glorious place this will be!


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