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Luke 2:52: The Nature of Jesus

If Jesus is God, and God is all-knowing, then how can Jesus have “increased in wisdom and stature”? The answer isn’t too difficult when the two natures of Jesus are understood. The Bible teaches that He was both fully human as well as fully God (known as “deity”). In other words, Jesus had two natures in one body. While that sounds like a contradiction, it really isn’t. After all, Paul wrote in Philippians that Jesus, though He existed “in the form of God,” decided to voluntarily take “on the likeness of men” to come to this world and die for our sins (Phil 2:6-8). It should be emphasized that Jesus never lost His deity even when He became man. As a human, Jesus grew physically and emotionally while displaying human weaknesses, including getting hungry, thirsty, and tired. Although He never lost His God nature, He was limited as a human.

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