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Matthew 19:26: Can God do the Impossible?

Can God do everything? If so, then can God create a rock that He cannot lift? Some skeptics love to ask such questions and then point to this verse to make Christians scratch their heads. It is important to note, however, that God is a consistent, logical being. Thus, He cannot do those things that go against logic or His nature. For instance, He cannot lie (1 Sam 15:29; Heb 6:18) or break His covenants (Gen 9:11). Since a square has four sides and a circle is round, He cannot produce a “square circle.” This is what is called a categorical error, which is an impossible scenario. It would be the same as describing a “married bachelor” or explaining the smell of the color blue. Since philosophical impossibilities are not things, they do not make sense and are therefore illogical. It is better to say that God can do anything as long as it remains consistent with His nature.

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