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The Miracle of Forgiveness Witnessing Guide

The MRM website on The Miracle of Forgiveness will give a good overview of this book.

Use the witnessing guide included as an attachment in this article to help you reference some of the most important quotes found in Spencer W. Kimball’s The Miracle of Forgiveness.

In addition, you can listen to a a series on The Miracle of Forgiveness on the radio program Viewpoint on Mormonism:

The Miracle of Forgiveness (Spencer W. Kimball)  Intro  Chapter 1  Chapter 2a   Chapter 2b  Chapter 3 Chapter 4a  Chapter 4b  Chapter 4c  Chapter 4d  Chapter 5a    Chapter 5b Chapter 5c  Chapter 6  Chapter 7a  Chapter 7b  Chapter 8  Chapter 9a  Chapter 9b  Chapter 10a  Chapter 10b  Chapter 11  Chapter 12a Chapter 12b  Chapter 12c  Chapter 13  Chapter 14  Chapter 15a  Chapter 15b  Chapter 15c  Chapter 15d Chapter 16  Chapter 17a  Chapter 17b  Chapter 18  Chapter 19  Chapter 20a  Chapter 20b  Chapter 20c  Chapter 21a  Chapter 21b  Chapter 22a  Chapter 22b  Chapter 23a  Chapter 23b  Series went from January 9 to April 6, 2012 (Book review)

For a witnessing sheet that can help you find references from this book, see the attached sheet.

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