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Mission Plan: Utah Christian Research Center


The Utah Christian Research Center is a mission outreach of Mormonism Research Ministry, a non-profit 501 (c) 3 corporation that has been in operation since 1979. The Center is dedicated to equipping Christians with the knowledge and skills to defend their faith against common criticisms by providing a research library, displays of an archaeological and biblical nature, a classroom and printed material pertinent to the subject matter of apologetics. Its mission is to empower believers to articulate and defend the foundations of the Christian faith in an intellectually rigorous manner.


• To help Christians better understand the theology and history of Christianity and the culture in which we live.
• Establish a comprehensive research library of books and periodicals, that delve into various areas of apologetics, theology, philosophy, and relevant disciplines.
• Create a classroom setting where interested individuals can attend courses, workshops, and seminars to deepen their understanding of issues facing Christians in today’s environment, with emphasis on how to respond to these challenges in a Christ-honoring manner.
• Provide printed resources that will also deepen an individual’s apologetic knowledge when it comes to other various worldviews in conflict with the Christian faith.
• Offer a listening ear and advice for those who struggle with their faith, providing answers and guidance from a biblical perspective.
• Cultivate partnerships with local churches, academic institutions, and apologetics organizations to enhance the scope and impact of the center.

Target Audience

The Center’s primary target audience consists of Christians who desire to enhance their understanding of the Christian faith and develop the skills to engage in meaningful conversations with skeptics, seekers, and individuals from other worldviews. However, the center will cater to individuals of all religious backgrounds and spiritual concerns.

Operational Plan

a. Facility
• Secure a facility that is easily accessible and conveniently located with sufficient space for printed resources, research library, classroom, displays, and a comfortable reading area.
• Create a welcoming environment for conversations with those who have questions about the Christian faith.

b. Staff
• Provide knowledgeable staff members who have a passion for the lost and a desire for fellow believers to grow in the knowledge and grace of our Savior.

c. Funding
• Seek funding through individual donations, grants, partnerships with churches, and fundraising events.
• Encourage individuals to donate books to expand the available resources we wish to make available to the public.

By implementing this mission objective, the Utah Christian Research Center aims to equip Christians with the knowledge, confidence, and skills to defend their faith effectively in a skeptical world, fostering intellectual growth, strengthening communities, and ultimately impacting lives for Christ.

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