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Mormonism 101

Mormonism 101: Revised and Expanded was published in April 2015 by Baker Books. MRM’s Bill McKeever and Eric Johnson have completely updated the original 2000 book with additonal information and quotes.

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Listen to the Viewpoint on Mormonism shows that we did on our new book, which aired May 25-29, 2015: Part 1   Part 2   Part 3   Part 4  

Even if you have the original edition, you will want to get this book, with chapters on:

  • The LDS Concept of God (God the Father, Jesus, Trinity)
  • The LDS Concept of Humankind (Preexistence and the Second Estate, The Fall, Apostasy)
  • The LDS Concept of Scripture (The Bible, Book of Mormon, Doctrine and Covenants and the Pearl of Great Price)
  • The LDS Concept of Salvation (The Atonement, Grace and Works, Heaven and Hell)
  • The LDS Concept of Ordinances (Communion and Baptism, the Word of Wisdom, the Temple)
  • The LDS Concept of Revelation (Lamanties, the Seed of Cain, and Polygamy; Joseph Smith; the Church and its Leadership)

In addition, there is an appendix on the 15 most common logical fallacies used by Mormons.

Utilizing quotes from LDS sources, including the Standard Works, General Conferences, and Church Manuals, this book will help you better understand the ins and outs of the LDS religion and provide material that will help every Christian effectively share his or her faith.

Finally, there are three study questions at the end of each chapter, with a Study Guide developed by Eric Johnson to help a leader teach this book in a group setting. Access to this study guide is available on

Want to see a third party review of the book that says Mormonism 101 contains “clear, consise information; well researched and grounded in official Mormon records”? Check this review out!

What others are saying about Mormonism 101:


Mormonism 101 is a rare gift that keeps on giving. The need for such a book grows daily, as many prominent voices seek to deceive the unsuspecting into believing that the differences between Mormonism and biblical Christianity are insignificant and few. Now Bill McKeever and Eric Johnson have amplified and updated their fine work, delivering a sophisticated book in plain language that both Mormons and the non-Mormons who love them will find relevant, respectful, closely reasoned, and meticulously documented.”  —Paul Carden, executive director, The Centers for Apologetics Research (CFAR)

“The new revised and expanded version of Mormonism 101 by Bill McKeever and Eric Johnson will be a great help to Christians who are witnessing to Mormons. It is well documented and clearly shows the difference between Mormonism and Christianity in a factual way without belittling or demeaning Mormon people. It discusses issues that are important to both Mormons and Christians and clarifies Christian doctrines that have been distorted by Mormonism. Mormons who read this book will better understand why biblical Christians don’t accept Mormonism as part of orthodox Christianity. I strongly recommend Mormonism 101 to both Christians and Mormons who really want understand each other.” —Marvin W. Cowan, missionary, Missions Door

“Bill McKeever and Eric Johnson know Mormonism better than anyone I know, and this volume is the best available for a fair and accurate assessment of the theological claims of Mormonism. Best of all, however, is that McKeever and Johnson not only know Mormonism with their minds, but they love Mormons with their hearts and desperately want them to come to know truly their Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.” —Mark L. Strauss, PhD, professor of New Testament, Bethel Seminary San Diego

“Each year the Mormons (the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints) send out thousands of young missionaries to gain converts from other faiths. This book will help prepare Christians with answers to their claims. Respected authors Bill McKeever and Eric Johnson have compiled a well-documented yet readable overview of the LDS religion, including discussion of the Mormon concepts of multiple gods, extra scriptures, secret rituals, and the means to attain eternal life. Each chapter ends with a set of questions for further study. This book would be a great addition to anyone’s library.” —Sandra Tanner, Utah Lighthouse Ministry

Mormonism 101 is an immensely helpful book. Bill and Eric have done an enormous amount of research, and they make key beliefs accessible and understandable.

While the book provides a critique of LDS beliefs, the authors are fair and generous in their approach. I recommend it to Mormons and non-Mormons who want to think critically about this influential religion.” —Sean McDowell, PhD, author, speaker, and professor

Mormonism 101 is a tremendously useful tool for Christians and those seeking to know the truth. As a pastor in Utah I am excited for this resource because it accurately explains the beliefs and practices of Mormonism in an age when some are blurring the doctrinal lines between Mormonism and real Christianity.” —Cory Anderson

Mormonism 101 is a vital resource for anyone wanting to understand 21st century Mormonism. McKeever and Johnson have devoted their lives to this field of study with over 60 combined years of expertise. They emphasize with clarity the basic beliefs of the Latter-day Saints, using updated quotes from o”cial LDS sources as support for each point. Anyone, whatever their level of understanding, will find much to stimulate their thinking in this book. It is an important resource on modern-day Mormonism and should be in every home library.” —Daniel (Chip) Thompson, founder and director, Tri-Grace Ministries; author, Witness to Mormons in Love 

“With all of the information about Mormonism on the internet and new responses to problems within Mormonism being released by the Mormon Church, this book is a must-read for all seeking to understand the Mormon faith more completely. This book contains an objective overview of Mormon history and their beliefs. Well written, easy to read.” —Jim Bjornstad, professor of philosophy (retired), Cedarville University

“McKeever and Johnson fulfill their mission admirably: they explain in clear language what the LDS religion teaches and how it di!ers from biblical Christianity. Introductory but not superficial, simple but not simplistic, Mormonism 101 provides a fair-minded survey of Mormon doctrine, scripture, history, and religious practice. The authors live in the heart of LDS culture and their extensive experience of talking with Mormons shows through in every chapter. Well-documented and now including such helpful features as short definitions of Mormon jargon and an appendix on common logical fallacies, Mormonism 101 is a valuable resource for those seeking to understand why the LDS Church is not just another Christian denomination.” —Robert M. Bowman Jr., PhD, executive director, Institute for Religious Research; author,What Mormons Believe

“McKeever and Johnson have done the modern evangelical church a great service in updating Mormonism 101. With the present obfuscation of theological clarity in evangelicalism and the e!orts of Latter-day Saints to mainstream Mormon doctrine, I welcome this well-versed, primary source–driven book. We need to get out of the weeds and into the clear on evangelical/Mormon distinctions. There is no better book available to help truth-seeking people do just that than Mormonism 101!” —Dr. Bryan Hurlbutt, lead pastor, Lifeline Community, West Jordan, Utah; author, Tasty Jesus

Mormonism 101 was already a great book, but Bill McKeever and Eric Johnson have made it even better. Their books and ministry helped me find the true gospel of Christ.” —Dave Neeley, former Mormon missionary

“Bill and Eric have nailed it again! Mormon apologetics is an ever-moving target, causing Christian responses to fall quickly out of date. The appearance of this newly revised and expanded edition of McKeever and Johnson’s solid classic Mormonism 101 is both welcome and necessary for the adequate ongoing equipping of the Church. Its respectful tone, care for accuracy, and biblical approach makes it one of the best apologetic books available on the subject.” —Ronald Huggins, professor of New Testament and Greek, Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary; former professor of Historical and Theological Studies, Salt Lake Theological Seminary

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