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Aren’t You Just A Bunch Of Biased And Hateful Bigots Who Have Nothing Better To Do Than To Persecute Mormons?

Rather than intellectually respond to the arguments and rebuttals
we present, many feel it is better to call us and our ministry
derogatory names. The problem with many people who use this type of
language is they have unfortunately concluded that critical analysis
cannot be had without some hidden and/or evil motivation. Name-calling
can be a strong weapon that often works well on the easily intimidated,
but like the apostle Paul, MRM is willing to risk being misunderstood
as some kind of “enemy” in order to eagerly proclaim both the error of
Mormonism and God’s truth. It is because of our genuine concern for our
brothers and sisters in Christ as well as the Latter-day Saint people
that this ministry exists.

Many of this mindset have insisted that it is wrong for
anyone to criticize another person’s beliefs. The irony of such a
statement lies in the fact that criticizing us for doing so must be
wrong as well. Furthermore, anyone who feels that LDS Church leaders
have never made serious accusations against other beliefs (including
those of the Bible-believing Christian) is ignorant of LDS Church
history (click here for proof.)

Are we biased?

Sure we are! There isn’t a person in the world that does not have some biases.
We don’t hide the fact that we are Christians, and as such, we are committed to a Christian worldview.
That means we look at the world through the lens of Holy Writ, the Bible.

Are we hateful?

Not at all. We challenge our readers to find just one sentence on our
site implying that we hate Mormons. From our understanding of the
Scriptures, if we really hated Mormons, the best way we could show
would be to remain silent and not disseminate the information that we
have gathered over the past two decades. To do so would be to allow the
dear LDS people to venture into eternity with the erroneous assumption
that Mormonism can somehow save them.

The LDS Church currently has tens of thousands of dedicated
people serving throughout the world as missionaries. Just as it would
be wrong to accuse them of being motivated by hatred, it is wrong to
assume that our missionary efforts to the LDS people are motivated by
hatred. Most would agree that Christian missionaries who spend their
lives sharing the Christian message in Africa do not hate Africans. Why
then do Mormons often assume that the reason a person feels to minister
specifically to Latter-day Saints is because he must hate Mormons? This
makes no sense.

Some have said that our articles foster hate. Information of
any sort can run the risk of such behavior. Certainly the Pharisees of
Jesus’ day found reason to hate Him because of the information he
proclaimed. However, if reading the quotes of LDS leaders result in
hatred, it is imperative that we look closely at the moral character of
the individual who harbors such feelings rather than the information
itself. It is the hatred that is wrong, not necessarily the
information. We would think that Mormons would be proud of what their
leadership has said over the years. Why would Mormon Church leaders be
ashamed to let the world know what they have taught if they are, in
fact, prophets and apostles? If a Mormon agrees with what their leaders
have said, they should by all means defend them. If they are
embarrassed by their teachings, perhaps they need to reconsider their

Are we bigoted?

Hardly. Bigotry in its
true sense means to hold blindly or intolerantly to a particular creed
or opinion. Everyone at MRM has a very good understanding of what he
believes and what the LDS Church teaches. The arguments we present are
complete with numerous references from LDS sources, and we invite our
readers to check our sources for context accuracy. If we do have
intolerance, it is intolerance for Mormonism, not Mormons. Mormons are
often great people who make very nice neighbors. However, we see
Mormonism as a system that is robbing many sincere people of the
opportunity to enjoy what God truly has to offer. Unfortunately, many
have mistaken intolerance as a license for violence. We certainly do
not. For this reason we view the dubious title of “anti-Mormon” as an outdated label that lost its effect back in the 19th century.
To disagree with Mormonism does not at all mean that we are against Mormons, nor does it mean that we wish them physical harm.
All of us at MRM are strongly against the use of violence to settle disagreements, especially those of a theological nature.
We want only the best for Mormons, both temporally and eternally!

Are we persecuting Mormons?

Absolutely not! Webster’s New World Dictionary of the American Language describes persecution as:

  1. to afflict or harass constantly so as to injure or distress; oppress cruelly, esp. for reasons of religion, politics, or race;
  2. to trouble or annoy constantly [persecuted by mosquitoes].

While we may plead guilty to annoying some Mormons by our incessant
questions and research, we feel it is totally inaccurate for Latter-day
Saints to say we are guilty of “harassing” them to the point of causing
injury or distress. We have never “oppressed cruelly” any Mormon. Those
who wish to engage in intelligent dialogue may even find we can be
downright pleasant at times.

Should a person still not understand what persecution really means, please click here.

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