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Photos from the 2022 MRM tour to LDS Historical Sites

See an article written by Bill McKeever titled “Oftentimes, it’s what they don’t say.

In October and November 2022, MRM’s Bill McKeever and Eric Johnson spent three and a half weeks discussing their July 2022 trip to Nauvoo, Kirtland, Palmyra, and other LDS historical places on the daily podcast Viewpoint on Mormonism. Below are some of the photos from their adventures.


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The Carthage Jail is where Joseph Smith was killed in a gun battle in June 1844. He fell out of the top window pictured here.
Inside the jail where Hyrum and Joseph were killed. Four verses of “A Poor Wayfaring Man of Grief”–Joseph Smith’s favorite hymn–were played and a 2-minute silence to commemorate the event was requested….yet no mention was made of the gun used by Smith to shoot three men
Upstairs where Joseph Smith was killed, a senior missionary shows how Joseph Smith and the others in the jail would have tried to keep the mob from getting inside. No mention of any guns was ever made.
The top of the stairs and the platform where the mob would have entered. The door is behind the photographer in this shot.

Joseph, Emma and Hyrum are buried in this plot next to the Red Brick store in Nauvoo.
Joseph Smith’s parents (Joseph Sr. and Lucy Mack) are buried not far from where Joseph Smith’s grave is located.
Community of Christ apostle Lachlan E. Mackay speaks to Bill McKeever in the area where the graves for the Smiths lie. The Community of Christ controls this portion of Nauvoo. The apostle gracious gave us more than an hour of his time and gave us a private tour of some of the properties controlled by this church.
The Nauvoo Red Brick store run by Joseph Smith. This is located near the Smith grave markers.
The Mansion House in Nauvoo where Joseph and Emma lived beginning in 1839.
Inside the Mansion House
Nauvoo temple at night
Witnessing at the Nauvoo Pageant–Eric is wearing the hat
Two different pageants take place every other night, with the focal point at the end to see the rebuilt Nauvoo temple dedicated in 2002.
Kirtland, OH temple–the first temple built by Joseph Smith. (Nauvoo was the second.)

Newel K. Whitney store in Kirtland, OH.
Bill, Eric (to the far left), and Trevor Wolfe (in center with the hat) with some local friends and the senior missionaries (right) after our tour in Kirtland, OH.
Display with the “gold plates” at Cumorah, NY. Notice how Joseph Smith is reading off the gold plates and dictating to his scribe Oliver Cowdery.
Bill McKeever and Trevor Wolfe point out at the Hill Cumorah visitors’ center how the photo of Joseph Smith reading the gold plates is not an accurate portrayal of Mormonism’s history. The elder agreed.
Forest at the Hill Cumorah

Peter Whitmer Farmhouse (recreated) near Fayette, NY
The main downstairs room at the Peter Whitmer Farmhouse where the church began on April 6, 1830. There were 50 people in this room on that day and 6 who became members.

The room where the Book of Mormon was translated. Notice that there is no hat in which he would have looked to translate from the “seer stone.”
A better view of the room.

The Joseph Smith Sr. farm house in upstate New York where the Smith’s lived when Joseph Jr. was a young boy.
The recreated bedroom where Joseph Smith and his brothers would have slept in 1823 when the Angel Moroni supposedly filled the room with light.

Inside the Grandin print shop where the Book of Mormon was printed in 1830.
In the home of the Hales (Emma’s parents) in Harmony, Penn where the Book of Mormon plates were translated. Notice how the “gold plates” are covered and the hat on the table.
One of the LDS teens on a group tour is challenged by the senior missionary to “heft” the replica set of the Book of Mormon gold plates. This young man has little trouble picking the “gold” plates up.

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