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Is suicide unforgivable?

Suicide is a desperate act that has irreversible consequences and is absolutely forbidden by God. Some have attempted to discourage potential suicides by arguing that murdering oneself as the last act ever performed will result in an automatic admission to hell. However, the Bible is filled with examples of godly men who were forgiven for committing this very sin, including David and Paul. The Bible says that nothing can separate a person from God’s love if forgiveness of sins has taken place through belief, whether the sin is murder, stealing a dollar, or lusting in one’s heart (Romans 8:31-39). In fact, the payment for the sins committed by every Christian was made on the cross at Calvary, guaranteeing the believer eternal life (1 John 5:13). While this is undoubtedly a biblical truth, a person who is contemplating suicide should contact the pastoral staff of your church immediately to get the help that is needed because we care very much about you!

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