Unveiling Grace

Lynn Wilder’s Unveiling Grace is scheduled to be released by Zondervan on August 20th. If you have heard about the Adam’s Road band and enjoyed their music and message, then you will be fascinated to read more about how the entire Wilder family converted from Mormonism to Christianity.  It’s a book meant to be read by those who enjoy happy endings, providing hope and encouragement. Yes, it is possible for TBMs to find truth, as this book displays God’s faithfulness in a very powerful way. 


Free Indeed: The Testimony of Lynn Wilder

Lynn Wilderby Sharon Lindbloom

 Picture a beautiful, bright winter day in Utah. Glistening mountains, crisp air, deep blue sky. It was Christmas, and Lynn Wilder was loving it. The past year had been full of struggle, inspiration, triumph, and fear, but at this moment, all was well. Just like the mountain air, Lynn’s mind and heart were clear. For almost thirty years she had faithfully worn her Mormon temple garments, a constant reminder of her spiritual devotion and the covenants she had made for her religion. But things had changed. Lynn didn’t believe Mormonism any longer. On this day–Christmas Day 2006–Lynn replaced the temple garments that had been the symbol of her Mormon faith, with a Christian cross, the symbol of her new commitment to Jesus Christ. She was relaxed, thinking the worst of the struggle was behind her. The year of turmoil was at an end. 

Little did she understand that heart-wrenching trials were still ahead.