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Zion: Several possible meanings in Mormonism, but for contemporary Mormonism it generally means the “pure in heart”; as a community of people, it refers to those who belong to the LDS Church.

It is also a name given in LDS scripture to his people. “And the Lord called his people Zion” (Moses 7:18). Zion was the name given to Jackson County, Missouri, in a number of Joseph Smith’s revelations (D&C 58:49; 62:4). In 1831, Joseph Smith said Jackson County would come to be known as the New Jerusalem (D&C 45:66-67). In 1844, Smith said that the Land of Zion comprised all of North and South America (Teachings of the Prophet Joseph Smith, p. 362). In the Bible, Zion was the highest and southwesternmost hill in Jerusalem. Zion is also used in the Bible to describe the heavenly New Jerusalem (Revelation 14:1).

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