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The Utah Christian Research Center plans to open in late November!

NOTE: If you would like to be on a group email list for this project, please email Eric Johnson ([email protected]). There is no oblgation and you will receive updates every month.

Listen to 5 episodes of Viewpoint on Mormonism that aired the first week of August 2023 as Bill and Eric describe their dreams and the realization that the building belongs to MRM.

Mormonism Reserach Ministry purchased the first floor of a two-story commerical building on August 1, 2023, which will house the Utah Christian Research Center (UCRC). The total square footage is 2300 square feet.

We have done a number of projects since this time, including:

  • Extended a wall to create the library. This will be a place for people to do reserach using a variety of resources, both LDS and biblical.
  • Painted the entire interior
  • Put flooring in the library
  • Replaced the main door to the building

We are working on other projects, including:

  • Bringing our materials from a storage shed
  • Building wall and case displays
  • Painting the library

We plan to be ready to open to the general public during the last week of November. (We will update here when we have the specific day.)

The main parts of ministry will include:

  • A bookstore offering a variety of Christian books as well as books discussing Mormonism from both a Christian and scholarly perspective
  • A research library containing a variety of resources
  • Displays on the Bible, including biblical archaeology and the history of the English Bible
  • Displays on Mormon events, including the translation of the Book of Mormon and the Book of Abraham
  • A classroom where we can host speaking events beginning in 2024. (For more what we hope to do, please click here.)

This center is located directly between Provo (BYU) and Salt Lake City (church administrative offices) on the I-15. In fact, the center is within an hour driving time fo 2 out of 3 people who live in the state of Utah.

The address to the center is:

579 W. Galena Park Place, Draper

Many prayers have been answered to make this possible. Thank you for those of you who donated to this building and prayed for our decision making. We appreciate you so much!

The first floor of this builidng in Draper, UT is just a mile off the I-15 freeway (12300 S. exit.)

What is next on the agenda?

Expenses for the remodel and setting up the facility has been more than what we expected. (Isn’t this true for any remodel?)

A number of our friends have been very generous to help us raise the necessary funds. (Crossed out items are already donated.) Would you consider a gift to hlep us not go into the red?

  • #1 Smart TV for the classroom: $1,000
  • #2 Interior paint: $700
  • #3 Bookshelves; $2000
  • #4 Replace glass entry door: $2,000
  • #5 Closet door and jamb: $500
  • #6 Street and door signage: $350
  • #7 Display cases: $3,000
  • #8 Wall displays: $1,000
  • #9 Build out: $3,000
  • #10 Forty classroom chairs: $35 ea. 9 chairs purchased, 31 to go
  • #11 Reception/Cashier desk: $600
  • #12 Four barrel chairs: $225 ea.
  • #13 Coffee maker: $80
  • #14 Square cash register: $1500
  • #15 Book Inventory: $12,000
  • #16 Flooring for the library: $1000
  • #17 Desktop computer with 2 screens: $1000
  • #18 Advertising $1000

If you would like to sponsor any of the above for whatever amount you’d like to give, you can do so. Please visit and choose to either send a check or use a credit card. Include a note that the donation is for the facility. Our mailing address is

Mormonism Research Ministry PO Box 1746 Draper, UT 84020-1746

5 Common Questions Answered

  1. What is the purpose of UCRC? Answer: Click here.
  2. What is the business plan for the UCRC? Answer. Click here
  3. Does my donation go straight to this project? Answer: If you specifiy that your donation is for the UCRC, it 100% goes to that fund.
  4. If I donate to UCRC, is it tax-deductible? Answer: Yes, we are a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization. You will receive a receipt for your donation.
  5. What if I live outside Utah? Why should I give to this project? Answer: This facility is midway between Salt Lake City (church administrative offices) and Provo, UT (Brigham Young University). It is strategically located where the majority of Mormons live in the state of Utah (within an hour’s drive).
For a donation of $300 or more to help MRM purchase the items for its new building, you will receive an original page (of your choice) from our 1630 King James Version of the Bible.. (Frame not included.) Please indicate with your donation that you would like one of the pages.

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