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A new Christian bookstore in the Salt Lake valley?

See what Mormonism Research Ministry is thinking about doing!

If you would like to get on a special email list that will keep you updated on this project, please write an email to [email protected] (Bookstore) in memo line) and we will add you on. There is no obligation except we will ask you to pray for us.

Listen to the three podcasts about this top that aired during the week of March 6, 2023:


Sandra Tanner’s Utah Lighthouse Ministry bookstore closed forever on February 28th. For decades this small building located in the downtown Salt Lake City area, provided resources and encouragement to Christians looking for answers for their LDS friends, as well as for Latter-day Saints struggling with their Mormonism.

Having volunteered on Saturdays at the UTLM bookstore for more than a decade and a half, Bill McKeever and Eric Johnson, of Mormonism Research Ministry saw firsthand the importance of such a facility and are considering the possibility of opening a new store in the Salt Lake valley. We invite you to look inside to see what Mormonism Research Ministry envisions.

A Christian bookstore and so much more . . . Our Dream is a multi-purpose facility in the Salt Lake valley that will offer the following

A Bookstore

     Like the UTLM bookstore, we want to offer the best books that critically evaluate the history and doctrines of Mormonism, as well as Christian resources that focus on apologetics subjects such as:

· Answering objections to God’s existence

· The reliability of the Bible

· Systematic theology

· Christian church history

Our hope is to also carry a supply of easier- to-read modern versions of the Bible. Overall, our selection of books will be chose to best meet the objectives of MRM’s ministry.


Like the UTLM bookstore, we want to provide a warm environment where Christians, Mormons, and ex-Mormons will be able to get answers to their questions. We would like this to be a safe and welcoming place for people to comfortably seek spiritual insight and get guidance in living as a Christian according to the Bible.

A Research Center

The store will include a research library containing published titles by the LDS Church and Mormon authors. These will include many of the resources that MRM regularly uses in its research and will be available to the public. We also would make available LDS Church periodicals such as the church magazine series Ensign/Liahona going back to the 1970s. Those who are interested will be able to verify quotations from primary sources.

A Bible Museum

 We would like to host a Bible museum that would include:

· Ancient pottery, lamps, and coins from the Holy Land.

· Torah scrolls several centuries old.

· Old pages and copies of the Bible in different translations.

     In addition, we will display old copies of the Book of Mormon and other unique LDS scriptures and books with signage that offers a critique of such works.

A Classroom Facility

We envision an all-purpose room suitable for teaching the local community as well as missions teams coming to minister in Utah.       We have plenty of ideas for possible classes, including:

· “First Saturdays”: Inviting special speakers, including local pastors, on the first Saturday morning of each month to teach on their specialties. We are a parachurch organization and are not a church, but these events can be beneficial to the body of Christ.

· Weeknight studies: Whether books of the Bible, topical or book studies —including issues related to Mormonism—the hope is to offer a place where Christians can expand their understanding of the faith.

· Occasional special events: As we get settled in, we will consider additional events that can benefit the Body of Christ. We have many ideas and now just need a place to make this happen.

What can I do to help?

First, we want to make it clear that the plans given in this brochure are preliminary. What you see here is our dream. We have made no commitment as of March 2023 about whether or not we will proceed. We hope to make a final decision by the summer of 2023. Because of that, we are not collecting money for this project at this time.

What we are asking for at this time are your prayers. Will you intercede for us at MRM as we make one of the biggest decisions we have ever had to make? 

If God gives the green light, we will be needing help from those who are gifted in various construction skills necessary for a build out. If that is you or you know someone, please contact us.

Finally, we are putting together an email/address list for those interested in the (as-of-now unnamed) facility. There is no obligation for you to financially support this project if you join this list, but this will allow us to keep you in the loop. For those on the MRM mailing list, we encourage you to join this new list to receive updates specifically about this project.

Goals of this Facility

· To provide a place for people to come and meet Christians who are knowledgeable in Mormonism and apologetics

· To present learning opportunities for people all throughout Utah

· To have an LDS resource center where people can do personal research

· In all things, to glorify God!

Mormonism Research Ministry

· Was founded in 1979 by Bill McKeever

· Hosts a popular Christian website on the topic of Mormonism (

· Airs a 14-minute radio show/podcast (Viewpoint on Mormonism) featuring Bill McKeever and Eric Johnson. This program airs daily on 820AM in Utah as well as five other radio stations in Idaho, Nevada, California, and Hawaii. All past and current shows are available at

· Responsible for 7 different books on the topic of Mormonism, including Answering Mormons’ Questions (Kregel), Mormonism 101 (Baker), Sharing the Good News with Mormons (Harvest House), and Introducing Christianity to Mormons (Harvest House).

· Has a two-fold ministry objective: 1) to inform and educate the Christian body; 2) to reach Latter-day Saints with the truth of God’s Word. We believe a physical location in the Salt Lake area meets these objectives quite well.

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