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Videos from the Holy Land

  • A series of 26 episodes from the February 2013 Turkey/Israel trip led by MRM
  • A series of 16 episodes from the February 2015 Israel trip led by MRM–these videos feature archaeologist/filmmaker Joel Kramer
  • The Tomb of David by archaeologist/filmmaker Joel Kramer (32:08) in March 2017: This is my most popular episode featuring the real place of David’s tomb. More than 120k views since March 2020.
  • A series of 30 short videos (2-3 minutes each) from the February 2017 Israel trip led by MRM–produced by Ritch Sandford and Loren Pankratz
  • A series of 4 episodes from the 2018 Israel trip led by Eric Johnson, featuring Joel Kramer
  • A series of short videos featuring the Footsteps of Paul trip (Turkey/Greece/Italy) in 2019–produced by Loren Pankratz
  • A series of short videos (2-3 minutes each) from the February/March 2022 Israel trip produced by Loren Pankratz

Introductory Videos

  • MRM Promo Video: (11:33) This video, which was produced in 2009, explains a little more about our objectives at Mormonism Research Ministry. This is a great video to show a pastor who wants to learn more about what we do. 
  •  Is Mormonism Christian? (2:42): A quick look at why we do not consider Mormonism to be the same as Christianity.

Full-length videos

Full-length teachings

Television Shows

Short Videos 


Book of Abraham

Book of Mormon




Joseph Smith

         Stories of Joseph Smith’s Wives (actresses playing wives of Joseph Smith)__________________


Should A Christian Date a Mormon (3 parts): Join Carissa Johnson as she considers whether or not Christians have freedom to date Mormons

Temple Ceremonies 


God Loves Mormons

MRM highly recommends short videos produced by a local church in Utah (Mission Church), pastored by Ritch Sandford in South Jordan, UT, featuring Ritch and associate pastor Bradley Campbell. They add a new video about every month. We recommend you subscribe to this channel.

Introductory Issues

  1. The Gospel
  2. Is Mormonism Christian?
  3. Are all Christian denominations divided?
  4. Should Mormons and Christians focus on their theological differences?
  5. Should Mormons and Christians Debate Scripture? 
  6. Why Be Like the Bereans
  7. Debunking the Myth about Christian denominations


  1. Ye are Gods in Psalm 82
  2. How many Gods are there?
  3. Does God have a body?
  4. Did God ever change?
  5. The Trinity
  6. Why is the Trinity so confusing?
  7. Was God once a man?
  8. Did God create the universe out of nothing?
  9. The Uniqueness of Jesus
  10. Are Jehovah and Elohim Two Different Gods?
  11. Did Joseph Smith see both God the Father and the Son?
  12. Idolatry, Murder, and the LDS Church (Is Idolatry Worse than Murder?) Part 1   Part 2
  13. Why Jesus did not have the Aaronic Priesthood
  14. What seeing God “face-to-face” really means (if God has no body)
  15. Debunking LDS view of Jesus and Jehovah (Mormonism vs. Psalm 110)
  16. Why Jesus “I am” Claims Led the Jews to Kill Him
  17. Does Jesus’ Baptism Debunk the Trinity?
  18. Does the Trinity Make God a “God of Confusion”?
  19. Can We Become Gods Someday?
  20. One God? 1 Corinthians 8:5-6
  21. The Uncreated Creator: Foundation of the Trinity (John 1:1-3)

Scriptural Issues

  1. Has Scripture been changed over time?
  2. Why are there so many translations of the Bible?
  3. How to know which Bible interpretation is true
  4. Ezekiel 37 explained
  5. Are the other sheep not of this fold in John 10:16 ancient Americans?
  6. Problems with the Joseph Smith Translation
  7. Why Christians completely Trust the Bible
  8. Are Christians needlessly divisive when talking about differences?
  9. The Parable of the Wheat and Tares
  10. Transmission of the Bible
  11. The Canon: Do we have the right books?
  12. The Gold Plates of the Book of Mormon with MRM’s Bill McKeever
  13. Understanding and Trusting Bible Translations
  14. Be Ye Perfect: DId Jesus Teach that we can be gods?  (Matthew 5:48)
  15. Why you shouldn’t pray about the Book of Mormon (5:42)


  1. Mormon Temples: Unbiblical practices
  2. Biblical reasons why we don’t need a modern-day temple
  3. Isaiah 2: Should We expect modern temples?
  4. The Problem with “Secret” Mormon Temple rituals
  5. Mormonism, Temples and the Gospel of John
  6. Where are Christianity’s Temples? 
  7. Why having multiple LDS temples is an abomination: The High Places
  8. LDS Temples refuting by the Altar of Remembrance
  9. LDS Temples: Why Veils and Sacrifices are a real problem


  1. The Problem of Changing Doctrine in the LDS Church
  2. Was there a Great Christian Apostasy?
  3. Is there a Great Apostasy Prophecy?
  4. Is Priesthood Authority Biblical?
  5. Does 1 Corinthians 15 teach Three Kingdoms of Glory?
  6. The Priesthood of Jesus
  7. Official Doctrine in the LDS Church
  8. The Misplaced Goal of Mormonism (Jeffrey Holland and his family/heaven)
  9. Why you should not pray about the Book of Mormon
  10. There is a big problem for the Mormon view of the Apostasy
  11.  The Great Apostasy? (1 Timothy 4)
  12. A biblical case against LDS doctrine of spirit children? 
  13. 7 verses showing how Hell is real
  14. How Mormon Doctrine Permits Abortion

Church Leadership

  1. What the Bible teaches about false prophets?
  2. LDS Prophets: Are they still for today?
  3. Paying Church Leaders: Why do Christian churches pay Pastors?
  4. LDS Prophets, Plausible Deniability, and “Official Doctrine” in the Mormon Church
  5. Joseph Smith’s Claim: More to boast of than Jesus
  6. 3 reasons why Christians don’t need “modern” prophets 

Salvation Issues

  1. Can we trust our feelings?
  2. Can we be saved by our works?
  3. James 2 (Faith Without Works) explained
  4. Why do Christians emphasis the cross so much?
  5. Does the Bible teach you’re a good person?
  6. Did Jesus teach exaltation (John 10)?
  7. Did the Atonement happen in the Garden of Gethsemane?
  8. Death Without Hearing: What Happens if One Dies Ignorant of the Gospel?
  9. What is heaven and hell?
  10. Should we trust spiritual feelings?
  11. What is justification?
  12. Why King David’s Sin was Forgiven
  13. The Purpose of Life
  14. What is the Gospel of Jesus Christ?
  15. Do Works Matter if we’re saved by faith?
  16. Galatians and the false gospel of Mormonism
  17. You Need Peace with God
  18. Becoming God? “As God is Man May Be”


  1. John 3:5: What does ‘born of water and spirit’ really mean?
  2. Do we need baptism to be saved?
  3. Is Baptism for the Dead Biblical?


  1. Is the Mormon doctrine of pre-existence biblical?
  2. Are we literal “spirit children” of God?
  3. Job 38 Debunks LDS Preexistence
  4. LDS Preexistence: How do Christians Reconcile Jeremiah 1:5?


  1. Does Matthew 22 teach there will be marriage in heaven?
  2. Why is Joseph Smith’s polygamy such a big deal?
  3. Are families eternal?
  4. Joseph Smith’s Polygamy Breaks Biblical Qualifications

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