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The following short 2- to 3-minute videos were shot during the February 2017 “Apologetics Bible Tour to the Holy Land” and were shot and produced by Pastors Ritch Sandford and Loren Pankratz. It will give you a glimpse of what our Israel trip was like.  Caesarea Akko Church of the Nativity Megiddo Bet Shean Baptisms […]

Welcome to the official website of the 2018 Apologetics Study Bible Tour to the Holy Land!  (Photo of the 2009 CHS students at Casearea Martima) ONLINE SIGN-UP STARTING…NOW…Click here to go to Maranatha’s website, $500 credit card deposit required Or you can call in your registration to Shay at 602-788-8864 This trip is being offered […]

Review: Mormons Believe…What?! Fact and Fiction about a Rising Religion

Check out a five-part Viewpoint on Mormonism podcast that originally aired on March 20-24, 2017  concerning Lawrence’s book:  Part 1   Part 2   Part 3   Part 4   Part 5 Written by Gary C. Lawrence Reviewed by Eric Johnson Synopsis: A Mormon pollster writes a book criticizing the views of outsiders of the Mormon Church who he believes present a […]

Should pastors be paid?

By Eric Johnson In a section of his 2011 book (Mormons Believe…What?! Fact and Fiction about a Rising Religion, published by the Parameter Foundation), Mormon pollster Gary C. Lawrence describes what he calls the “unpaid ministry” and makes several interesting comments. For instance: The big sociological difference between the LDS Church and other denominations is that none […]

Was polygamy necessary because the LDS Church needed to have its growth “jump-started”?

By Eric Johnson According to some Mormon apologists, polygamy instituted by the LDS Church in the 19th century was necessary in order for the church membership to grow. According to LDS pollster Gary Lawrence in his book Mormons Believe…What? Because original Christianity needed to be re-established to be the forerunner for the Second Coming of the […]

Was polygamy necessary in the 19th century because there were more women than men?

By Eric Johnson If you speak to some Latter-day Saints regarding the issue of polygamy (the marriage on one man to multiple women), one of the most common arguments still used is pointing out how there were more women than men in the 19th century Utah. If that’s the case, single women needed to have a husband too. Right? […]