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Combating Poor Biblical Exegesis: The Putting-Verses-Back-Into-their-Context Approach

By Eric Johnson Summary While the Bible is a part of the official canon of the LDS Church, many verses are badly mishandled by some Mormons when making their case. By understanding these verses in context, the Christian can provide an intelligent response to help the Mormon see that the Bible, when properly interpreted, does not […]

Answers to the Mormon IQ Quiz

The Word of Wisdom, which Joseph Smith claimed he received February 27, 1833. The cited section comes from D&C 89:2. Today the Word of Wisdom is a “command” to qualify for a temple recommend, understood to include not drinking alcohol or beverages like hot coffee or tea as well as abstaining from drugs and tobacco. […]

Take the Mormonism IQ Test–Answer 9 of 11 questions correctly and your Mormon IQ is 132!

By Eric Johnson How high is your understanding of Mormonism, including its history and doctrines? See how well you do on these 11 questions. To be fair, write your answers down before looking at the answers. No googling or looking at your scriptures! (That’s cheating and a definite breaking of celestial law!) Which doctrine is referenced […]

The Mormon Hierarchy: Wealth & Corporate Power, by D. Michael Quinn (Salt Lake City, UT: Signature Books, 2017)

Written D. Michael Quinn Reviewed by Eric Johnson Money makes the world go around The world go around The world go around Money makes the world go around It makes the world go ’round. –“Money,” from Cabaret When it comes to money, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has plenty. How much? Nobody except […]

The Gospel Topics Essays: The Dynamite Approach

By Eric Johnson Summary Written by LDS scholars, the “Gospel Topics Essays” are available on the official website. These articles cover a variety of topics and attempt to confront the checkered history of Mormonism while smoothing out the rough edges. However, instead of placating many questioning Mormons, these writings tend to chafe the souls of […]

Exploring Mormon Racism: The All-Are-Justified-the-Same Approach

By Joel B Groat Summary In June 1978, Spencer W. Kimball, the LDS Church’s twelfth president, lifted the church’s century-long ban on men of African descent holding the LDS priesthood. It wasn’t until 2013 that the church addressed the underlying racism inherent in that ban. Although this is not a topic to be used in […]