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Anti-Mormon. Usually a pejorative term used to refer to those (typically Christians) who are critical of Mormonism and therefore are considered hateful by many Mormons. This term first appeared in 1833 in an article by the Louisville (Kentucky) Daily Herald (“The Mormons and Anti-Mormons”). Mormon J. Nelson-Seawright writes that “the terminological sleight of hand involved in the label ‘anti-Mormon’ allows [Mormons] to ignore the differences between honest and honorable men and women who oppose us, on the one hand, and unprincipled villains, on the other.” Mormon Joni Hilton advises fellow members: “First of all, anti-Mormon literature, Internet sites, conversations, ideas, etc. are like spiritual pornography. Once they are in the mind, they are very difficult to get rid of. As you try to reach out to your husband, I would advise you to avoid any material, even if you think it might help you understand him better. You don’t want those seeds of doubt planted in your own mind, because no one is immune to them.” According to Wikipedia, the term “anti-Mormonism” is associated wiht “discrimination, persectution, hostility or prejudice directed at members of the Latter Day Saint (sic) movement, particularly The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Merely disagreeing with another persons’ ideas should not be associated with “anti-” anything, just a difference of opinions.

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