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Is Glenn Beck’s popularity legitimizing Mormon religion?

by Lori Arnold – Christian Examiner

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Each weeknight a charismatic cherub-cheeked Glenn Beck, spectacles alight on the midpoint of his nose and an oversized blackboard at the ready, pontificates on Fox News about politics, prompting some to label him America’s professor. His conservative viewpoints have fueled a frenzy of criticism from the liberal left, while earning him a coveted spot of honor among fiscal and social conservatives, desperate for someone of substance to carry their mantle. “He has gathered a huge audience,” said Craig Hazen, professor of Comparative Religion and Apologetics at Biola University in Los Angeles. “They want to own him in some way.” But over the summer, Beck unceremoniously switched gears, saying he was sensing a need for America to return to its spiritual roots.

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