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We Need Help Captioning Videos

Among other reasons, Captions/subtitles are helpful because YouTube does on-the-fly translation for people of other languages so they can benefit from the video’s content. This is helpful since Mormonism is impacting many Hispanics, etc.


  • Pick a video on the mrmdotorg or aaronshaf2006 YouTube channels (especially one highly-trafficked).
  • Make sure the video doesn’t already have captions.
  • Use a tool like KeepVid to download the video to your hard drive.
  • Download Subtitle Workshop
  • Send an e-mail to [email protected] to indicate what video you’re working on so that we can prevent overlap.
  • Open the video in Subtitle Workshop and write subtitles for it. We recommend learning the application’s keyboard shortcuts. They make the process much easier!
  • Save in the SubRip (.srt) format.
  • Send the .srt file to [email protected]


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