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From Mormons (pleased)

“I am a Mormon but wanted to salute you for the knowledge and research that you have done into the Mormon religion. I believe your site has more information about what is happening within the church today and in history than just about any I have seen. Thank you for an honest fairly honest representation of the many aspects and problems of the LDS church today.”

“I’d just like to say I found your website very informative and interesting. I am Mormon but inactive. So I can say that I know a lot about the church, but there is a lot I don’t know and I appreciate people like you who take a logical stand point and evaluate the beliefs without being downgrading or slanderous…it’s appreciated.”

“I must first thank you for the wealth of information you have made available, which my church has not. I’d like to clearly state that I searched for information like this only AFTER I had decided for myself that the claim of ‘only one true Church’ might need a bit more verification. Interesting stuff in that Journal of Discourses…Very interesting indeed…”

“I just wanted to write and express my opinions regarding your web site. I am an active Mormon, currently anyway, and I think your site is the best of its kind on the Internet. There is none of the sarcasm and condescending tones found on most of the others. Instead, just information, presented in a well-meaning manner.”

“As a practicing member of the Church of Jesus Christ I wish to thank you for an apparently sincere attempt to ‘expose’ the church; many ill-willed attempts have been made. Generally speaking, I believe that your website makes a credible case in citing quotes and providing even-handed commentary on church doctrine and practices, given the evangelical paradigm.”

“I just wanted to pass on a note of thanks for your web site. Would you have any information on how to have our names removed from their records?”

“I find your site very interesting. I am an active Mormon but have many reservations about the teachings of the church, especially in earlier times. I enjoyed reading your articles and consider myself somewhat of an intellectual. I enjoy challenging my current beliefs and exploring all avenues in the search for truth.”

“First of all, I would like to begin by ‘outing’ myself as a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Contrary to some of the letters you have gotten, I would like to let you know that I enjoyed your website. The amount of research you have done alone probably makes the “average” Mormon nervous. I think you (collectively) wrote smart and intriguing articles about some of the less understood aspects of the Church. I’m not going to tell you that you guys are bigots or hell’s demons, because I DON’T believe that. You did some research, found some problems and wrote about them, I don’t see any harm in that.”

“Nice site. I applaud your no-nonsense approach to all of this. I am a member of the LDS church of just over a year, and have recently been really investigating the church in an in-depth manner. It’s funny, the longer I am in the church, the more things I learn about it that I don’t understand/agree with. It’s amazing what they don’t tell you about when you are just an investigator! 🙂 Anyway, just wanted to let you guys know. You are a good resource for researchers such as myself.”

“I consider myself a very devoted Mormon. I loved your site when I visited. Thank you for taking the time to point out legitimate criticisms of Mormonism in a fair and evenhanded way. The Mormon church would be a better organization if we followed many of your recommendations!”

“Quite by accident I came across your website, and just wanted to make a positive comment. I realize that the nature of your website’s content is also adamantly anti-LDS, so obviously we don’t share the same opinions, but I do appreciate the relatively neutral tone you try to maintain. I only wish that all those who object to my particular faith and beliefs would be as respectful. Thank you for at least giving some thought and research to your assessments….”

“I’m a member of the LDS church who agrees with your views. I’ve been a member for 20 years and I’m so mad at myself for being taken in by all the lies and deceit that goes on within the church. It’s left me feeling sad and empty because I put my heart and soul into the church only to find out it’s just a billion-dollar business. It’s left me wondering if there really is a God or if it’s all just fantasy, but thanks for your site, it’s one of many that have helped me to truly see the light.”

“First of all, I have just stumbled onto your site, and must congratulate you (on what I have so far seen) on your relatively unbiased view of my faith (you are much more kind than many other sites, which lends much more credibility to you) as well as presenting information in a better designed format. I hope to be able to have many discussions with you about my faith…”

“As a new convert to the Mormon faith less than six months, I have come to the conclusion that this may have been a mistake.”

“I am in the church – convert of 12 years – temple married for 9. I live in the HEART of Utah – and have decided to leave the church. Unfortunately – it isn’t as easy as it would be if I lived in a bigger town – like Provo! I feel I have to remain silent about the decision because EVERYTHING in this little town revolves around the church. The most thankful part is that my convert husband is also wanting out.”

I have been a member of the LDS church since I was seventeen. It’s been sixteen years now, and I have been mostly active throughout that time and always believing…until now. I started spending more time reading the Bible (I had always read the Book of Mormon faithfully before) and really listening to what speakers and teachers and leaders were saying in church. It startled me how divergent their thoughts were from those expressed in the Bible…especially the New Testament. Now I just feel lost. I don’t believe the doctrines taught by the LDS Church anymore, but I don’t know what to do. I think going to church and being around other believers is important, but how do I find a different church to go to? I guess my question is…what do I do now?”

“I appreciate the time you have taken. Just so that you know, I am LDS. We have spoken before (1998 or 1999) and agreed to disagree. As I have matured, I am found asking some questions that no one (LDS) really seems eager to answer. My wife is a real TBM [True Believing Mormon], and even mentioning the issues I have can start a fight. I have discovered that there is a lot of information out there, and much of it contradictory. I completely agree with the Church being governed by a very rigid, patriarchal system where differing opinions are met with strong disapproval. I have personally experienced a couple of abusive Stake Presidents – the last one pretty much knows my opinion of him. I also believe that free thinking is actively (though subtly) discouraged. I am convinced that some members of the First Presidency and Quorum of the Twelve have been involved in certain activities that could be deemed questionable at best. I have also uncovered a possible ‘smoking gun’ that could illustrate the Church’s tendency to rewrite history. (I am still waiting for an apologist’s response, so I will sit on this one for a bit.) I am most bothered by the apparent cover-ups and the practice of suppressing some truths that could be embarrassing to the Church. While I understand that most of us do not ‘air our dirty laundry in public,’ I am disturbed by the leadership actually purchasing controversial documents and then suppressing them, while going to great lengths to avoid having appeared to buy them. If one of my children did something like that, my first question would be ‘What are you hiding?’ It is most vexing to have legitimate questions about the Church and then be branded an ‘apostate’ for asking them. I also realize that there is not a darn thing I can do to change the way they think/operate.”

“I have been a member of the church for almost five years now, but now like never before I start doubting the church’s teachings. I realized that I have never had a “testimony” and this is why I never bear it at church. The leaders of the church would have probably said that it is entirely my fault that I don’t have my ‘testimony,’ but I don’t know. Maybe I wasn’t persistent enough in finding it. I am just tired of deceiving myself by assuring myself of the truthfulness of the church. I am a convert and I have never investigated the church like I am trying to do now. I have never done my research. So the same question comes to mind, as to what if I really mistook the good feelings for the Holy Ghost’s still voice?”

“I was raised in the LDS Church. I am 17 years old. I have read many articles posted on the website. Church members are advised to avoid ‘anti-Mormon’ doctrine. I, however, understand the reason why you oppose our religion. I understand that it isn’t because of hatred towards us. It’s because you care. Even though I oppose your opposition to the LDS church, I also respect the intentions you have to bring others to believe in what you believe.”

“It has been about three weeks since I have learned that the church isn’t true and am in the beginning stages of leaving the church (I am resolute about it some days) and wonder if you know of any churches in my area that I can visit. I am reading loads of material about church history, the DNA issue, and more importantly, reading and studying the Bible (not the ‘Inspired Version’). I would appreciate any information you can give me, and thank you for your website.”

“I was raised in the Mormon church and my entire family is still Mormon. Thankfully, I became saved three years ago this month. Becoming a Christian has caused much heartache between me and my family…however, I am grateful for the books by Bill McKeever and for this ministry since you have provided me with many answers and rebuttals to offer Mormons regarding their beliefs as well as a specific idea of how to proclaim my faith to them. Recently, my mother and I have begun discussions regarding the discrepancies of our faiths and I have shared several passages quoted directly from the ‘Did They Really Say That?’ section of your newsletter. She didn’t know how to respond. I am hopeful that your newsletter will be instrumental in getting her to open her eyes to the cult that is the LDS Church. Thank you for your dedication to the Mormon people and to us that so desperately want our loved ones saved.”

“Of course, I haven’t perused your entire site, but the Who Are We? page and some others were nice. Every quote you brought was pleasing and satisfying to me. Then again, I’m Mormon, and fully believe my religion. I am a beginning scholar of church history and doctrine, and so will be coming across a lot of the same material you do, only from the other side and point of view… With respect and admiration for anyone seeking truth.”

“I was raised as a Mormon in Idaho. For the last several years, I have not believed in anything that the Mormon Church has taught. At first I assumed that I could just leave and never come back, but now I feel the need to get formally removed from the church membership lists. I had no idea how to leave the church. Your website was a Godsend, and I sincerely thank you for putting this information on the Internet, as it provided me a way to make a clean and permanent break from a false church.”

“I joined the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints last January. In the last couple months I have been able to, after much strife with my family, finally understand that what I was getting into was so horribly wrong. I’m learning a lot now, but I’d appreciate it if I could subscribe to your newsletter.”

“I am a dyed in the wool “Mormon” and have always taken time to read the comments and ideas of those who disagree with my faith. I appreciate that you seem to try very hard to present statements in their current form without changing words. And worst of all I hope you will never create things that are just not true or authentic. Of course you put your interpretation on the things you present which is only natural for I do the same thing when I present statements or ideas that I have discovered. I find your website very informative and thank you for bringing forth so much information that I can investigate and analyze. You save me a lot of time digging for things said especially by the early leaders of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.”

“I love your website! As a 4th-generation Mormon who is getting out of Mormonism (praise God!), I have to tell you that you have one of the best websites I’ve seen.”

“I just wanted to thank you for your web page. I utterly disagree with most of your comments, but I appreciate the honest way you strive to portray LDS beliefs. Most web pages that oppose the LDS Church exaggerate, misrepresent, lie and blatantly sensationalize LDS doctrine, creating a scare-crow that is easily knocked over. They believe the ends justify the means, though I don’t recall that passage in the Bible. Your web page, on the other hand, attempts to articulate genuine precepts of LDS doctrine and then explains why you oppose it. Your honesty is commendable. Thank you.”

“…I would like to thank you for being so cordial, and for genuinely wanting to help those who are seeking the truth. There are so many people in the world who shout and scream and even kill – to defile, denounce, disprove, and bury the beliefs of others; I understand that there are even those of my faith who are guilty of this. I would not place you among those. I simply wanted to commend you for being so polite. You seek the same thing that all religions seek; that is to bring people to a knowledge of the truth. However, you do it in a much more straightforward, informative, and professional way than others that I have come across in the past. No flaming, insulting, name calling, or anything else of the sort.”

From Mormons (not so pleased)

“Aren’t you just a bunch of ignorant biased, hateful, anti-christ, jealous, bigots who have nothing better to do than to persecute Mormons who never did anything to you? ‘ll answer the question for you:  Yes…  I know what you are really thinking, your hatred is not masked adequately enough… Your hatred for the Mormons is simply ridiculous and cowardly.  If you really had any courage you would openly attack Islam with the same fervor you attack Mormons.  But you fear for your own safety, you know as well as I do how forging Mormons are (Mr. Hoffman was on your side remember)… If you want to fly down here to Phoenix I will gladly pick you up at the airport, drive you out into the desert, give you a good old beating, then drive you to the ER.  By the looks of you, it wouldn’t take much (I’m 36, 6’ 220 lbs)… If you ever want to take on a real man rather than an old lady or a teenage girl walking to seminary.  Feel free to hook up with me any time coward.”

(Spelling intact) “You B*******! If you had brains, you would understand that the constitution gives write of religion! The stupid hic farmers that persicuted the church had no reason for the murders and other hideous crimes commited against the church. You have no write to say this b*** s***! Leave us alone and we will leave you alone. You will do well to shut your mouth!”

“It is with great pleasure that I will stand as a witness against you at the final judgement, and condemn you to a life in the telestial kingdom, for your efforts in supporting Lucifer in his attempt to destroy the only true church on the face of the earth. Your endless torture will be payment for your evil deeds here on this earth. What a total, complete loser you are. That’s all there is to it, you are one big LOSER.”

“Hey Bill, I happen to come across your web site and I have to say that you are the biggest jackass ever. For one you are spreading lies about the Mormons, know your facts before displaying them on your site of lies. Also, I declare you as an anti-christ. Christ would never diminish someones belief and religion such as you. Its is true that the church is the fastest growing (Christian) church in the world but second to Islam. Also, missionaries pay for their own missions unless they are unable to they are assisted by the church. Jackass. Denial is not a river in Egypt. Quit spreading hate, each time you do your slamming the hammer down on the nail that kept Christ on the cross. Now, I rebuke thee… repent and sin no more for Heavenly Father expects better from you.”

“In my experience those who seek to destroy the LDS church, are usually ex-saints who had a hard time living words of morality and wisdom. Groups like yours are made up of perverts, wife beaters, and sheep who will follow the loudest bleating moron out there.”

“You will all know with a 100% accuracy on judgement day that The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is the only church that has the fullness of the everlasting gospel of Jesus Christ.  How sorry you will be on judgement day.  I pity you all. you will never succeed.”

“I find it interesting that you actually think if Mormonism is false then your own interpretive religious philosophy must be right. Think again! Mormonism or not, like all faithful Latter-day Saints, I will never believe your DOG VOMIT theology!”

“Thank you so much for putting up this website. It proves my point exactly, which is that libel and slander, both illegal and immoral and therefore inspired by the Father of Lies himself, are the sincerest form of flattery. I had stopped taking the discussions from the Mormon missionaries, but you have inspired me to continue my investigation firsthand.” 

“Bill, you must really be a moron to question the name “Mormon”! My given name is Kenneth, but when I was a child, it was acceptable to call me Kenny. But as I grew, “kenny” no longer reflected who I was – an adult. I now prefer to be called Kenneth, or Ken, because it reflects who I am. just as Mormon does not reflect who we are, or what we represent.”

“…this page is nothing more than anti-mormon propaganda and you will pay for what you are doing i hope you find the truth before it is too late. shame on you”

“I am thankful that we do not believe in your Jesus but do believe and worship the Father and His real son Jesus Christ and not his other son who rebelled in the pre-earth life. There is no question in my mind that you people are following the son who was cast out of heaven.”

“You guys are a bunch of nuts. You know that. If you spent as much time on PR and being trustworthy instead of spreading gossip and people bashing, you just might come out on top with God. I think God will look on us for what we are and how we treat other people. The way you treat the ‘Mormons’ is atrocious and should be condemned. You say you love your enemies, the ‘Mormons,’ but trying to thrust your ‘truth’ down their throats. Well it just isn’t right. Begone”

“I’m 16 and a Member of the LDS church.. About the ‘TEST YOUR KNOWLEDGE’ on the book of mormon, you need to test YOUR knowledge. You got just about every answer wrong. You say OUT right LIES about the book of mormon. I hope you really study the BOM and get to know it. You guys make me laugh you are SOOO wrong. You should take off that section. Pray about the book my friend!”

“What exactly is it you are trying to accomplish here? Whether you believe in Mormonism or not, to sit around and use up so much of your time bashing another group of people for their beliefs is to say the least childish, ignorant, and it just reflects badly upon yourself as a person. I wish you could find a better use of time for yourselves than this because quite frankly it is sad to see people stoop to the slanderous levels that you have here. Is this how you pride yourself in being a Christian? I hope you find a new direction for yourself and quit wasting so much of your time feeding these negative thoughts.”

“Just read your article concerning the virgin birth. My comment is so what. You seem to believe in the supernatural and unexplainable to attain your goals and desires. I, a ‘Mormon’ do not believe is mysticism and ‘mysteries of God.’ If you want to believe that the Earth is the center of the universe, so be it…Mainstream ‘Christianity’ is based on superstition, and hearsay. Those who wish to pursue this type of belief are following those who welded paganism to ‘Religion’ which increased their power over an ignorant people. I’ll tell you what, if it were not for restored Christianity, and a new testimony of Christ it is quite possible that Darwinism would be proven daily, and even you might not be here to read this. Because Darwinism is a lot more logical than Christianity, and a lot more consistent in its dogma. Besides, it is provable. Happy Solstice.”

“You know, I find it very sad when so-called christians (since you all have no idea what a christian really is) spend the few hours God gives in a day, in such a vile insult to him. Instead of spending all of this time researching Mormonism and refuting it, why don’t you go out and help the poor or the homeless. Which do you think Jesus would rather have you do?”

“I read your web page. Get a life pal and stop wasting your time writing that satanistic jargon on the internet. Surely there is a better work you can be involved in instead of wasting your talents trying to thwart the work of god. I mean please. what are you thinking. this page is so twisted. anyone can write a page claiming and proving the Queen of England is catholic, which she isn’t. Or George washington was a Satanist, which he wasn’t. Or hitler was only trying to do the right thing… anything can be twisted to make it sound bad and deceiving. nevertheless stop wasting your time.”

“I am sorry that mans intellect has twisted and perverted your views. I am sorry that you believe the lies that man has told you. It is too bad that the truth hath fallen on your deaf ears. God be with you brother, that you may be enlightened in the end.”

“I am just curious as to why you feel it is so necessary to spend so much time studying the Mormon faith. Are you really that insecure about your own faith to feel it necessary to put another’s down. Maybe if you would take a little time and learn a little about Mormonism from a reliable source (A MORMON) you would learn a little truth”

“I really think that this website stinks. If you are so worried about losing your members of your church to any religion, you would be better served teaching your own principles better. People only change because they are dissatisfied where they are at. I could not convince you of anything because you want to believe in what you want. That is just great. But for you to promote bigotry and intolerance of any religion is not only unconstitutional but morally wrong. You have misrepresented our church and promoted lies and falsehoods to make your position seem better. I pity you.”

“If you spent as much time delivering the gospel to those who have not heard it, as you do trying to tear down the beliefs of other denominations, I am sure the Lord would smile on you with much favor. If you spend your money on the homeless and the hungry instead of on bolstering propaganda that benefits no one, you would certainly be working for your Lord.”

“I think there is a word for people like you guys. yes let me think …… BIGOT! that’s it… When it comes to religion everyone thinks they have the ‘truth’ its a shame people ‘t live and let live. As long as they are doing no direct harm to you. What’s next you going to start gassing the Mormons… 🙂 In hope you will help the world and rid your heart of hate.”

“You call this research? It’s called editorializing! You haven’t a clue what you’re talking about in your online rag. Get serious. Have you no ministry of your own? You must drag along in the dirt behind Mormonism for a cause? You really believe that 10 million Mormons are all deluded, not an intelligent one in the bunch? I thought Christianity was about Christ, faith, repentance, service, caring, loving… Whatever it is you are doing, it certainly isn’t any of these. Give it up! Go find real people who will actually pay you to spout this nonsense.”

From Ex-Mormons

“Good afternoon Mr. McKeever. This email is an apology to the nasty and derogatory remarks I sent you in the past. I do not know if you remember our conversations but it was obvious that I was so deep into Mormonism, I did not realize how uneducated I sounded for defending a false faith. It is my prayer that every member of the LDS church come to the realization that Joseph Smith is one of the false prophets that the Bible warns us about. I came to my realization shortly after finding out the details of Temple rituals. I was officially removed from the membership records as of May 2005… Realizing that accepting Christ as my personal savior and putting all of my trust in him instead of Gordon B. Hinckley has made a magnanimous impact upon my life as a Christian. I want to personally thank you for distributing websites like these to bring LDS members out of the dark and into the light. Thank you for being a bold servant of Christ and May God Bless you and your co-workers always. Please feel free to post this message on your site as a hopeful inspiration to all LDS who wish to leave.”

“I today officially have left the LDS Church – my certified copy requesting the removal of our names from church files was just sent out! Thanks to your web page you have provided me with a wealth of info – God bless you and yours!”

“I am a 4th generation, born and raised, Utah Mormon who has (as of 7 years ago) come to know Jesus as Lord and Savior. Thank you for your work and your love for Mormons! Your site and your books have been tremendously helpful to me!”

“Believe me, my husband and I have nothing but good things to say about all of you and the work you do for the rest of us. I pray you will forward this on to the others. It’s nice to know that I have a place to go when I’m down or confused. I left the church 2 years ago this month. I was raised in it and followed for 26½ years. I need a safe place to go and you all have given it to me. Thanks so much, and may God be with you every day!!!”

“Thanks for providing me with the information I need to come to terms with my Mormon past. I was raised Mormon and left the church 2 years ago. I am now a born-again Christian.”

“After a long search (and a ‘discussion’ with you in the late 1990’s), I have concluded that the LDS Church is a false religion.”

“I was born into the Mormon Church 34 years ago. Eight years ago I started a real relationship with our Lord and Savior, Jesus (of the Bible) and I am finally getting around to thanking you. When I was dating my wife, she had told me that if I was going to practice Mormonism she couldn’t date me anymore. I had never been told that before and it intrigued me. She then invited me to her church and the study for that Sunday was ‘Salvation by Grace, not by works.’ It seemed as though the Holy Spirit reached into my heart, as if to say, ‘Wake Up!’ Long story short, reading your newsletter each month really helped, and it helped me witness to my younger brother, who is now, Born Again! … Once again, THANK YOU for your ministry and may God continue to richly bless you.”

“I have been reading information on your website, and it’s been very helpful. My husband and I left the LDS church a year and a half ago. (This came as a shock to everyone in our branch because we had just been married in the temple six months prior and my husband was first counselor in the branch presidency.) We did not have our names removed from the church records. How would we go about asking to have our names removed?”

“I just want to send you a short message and let you know that the work you are doing is absolutely inspiring. You visited the church we were going to in Yuma, AZ. At the time I was in the process of finding a church that both me and my husband both felt comfortable in. We walked in that day after not going for a while. You happened to be the guest speaker that day. I was a little defensive, since I had gone to the LDS Church for so long. My husband said that we could leave but to be honest I wanted to hear what kind of garbage you were going to feed into the heads of the people there. I was very shocked as you began speaking. My heart just opened up to all you had to say. I know for a fact the Lord put me there that day for the reason of hearing you speak. I bought two of your books and visited your web site several times. I have had my name stricken off the LDS records. My husband and I have been going to a Christian church regularly and I can’t tell you all the blessings that the Lord has given us. Keep up the good work. I appreciate all you have done and all the work that you are doing. May God bless you and keep you safe.”

“God bless you for the work you are doing. I grew up a Mormon and served a Mormon mission over 20 years ago in Bolivia. The Lord saved me almost 4 years ago when I became a Christian. My family lives in Utah and are still deceived by Mormonism. Please pray for them. I was able to witness to two missionaries on Saturday when they knocked on my door. Pray for them too.”

“Thanks Bill, it was you and your site that led me to Christ 6 years ago. God bless and take care.”

“I was born in the Mormon Church and left it at age 26, twelve years ago. If only I had read this article [LDS Repentance Quiz] and been presented with the grace that comes from Jesus Christ when as a tormented sinner (being a Mormon Church member) it seemed I had a brand on my forehead that read “Unworthy” for all to see. I hope and pray many souls read this and accept Christ as their only Savior, giving it all up to Him. Thank you for a great article. Very well done.”

“I married a non-member of the [LDS] church. Our religious differences were putting a wedge in our marriage, and I thought that it surely couldn’t hurt. I was very headstrong and stubborn about going anywhere else but to a Mormon church, but I went with him to church on and off for several months. Then we got into the rut of not going. One Sunday we went and Bill McKeever was there to talk about the Mormon Church. I was on the defense from the start, but there wasn’t anything I could say to disprove what he was saying. I bought two books and went home and read them front to back. I was in shock at all the teachings that the LDS church kept secret. I was angry. I followed the advice from the book and had my name removed from the LDS membership.”

From Other Readers (Christians, non-Christians)

“Mr. McKeever, I would like to just say thank you again. I have talked with you before. I lived in San Diego for several years, then moved to Susanville CA. I Look back to the day I heard you on the radio as the day I was pulled back from the grasp of Mormonism. I was just a few days away from by baptism into the Mormon Church…God has called you to a very important ministry and you have answered that call beautifully. If the Holy Spirit had not brought your message to me, I don’t know where I would be to today. Thank you again, and God bless your ministry.”

“Between 1985-1988 you were tremendously helpful in helping me figure out the Mormon mess I was in – you probably don’t remember me, but I was dating a Mormon girl. I was just about to convert, then my mother sent me your way. For quite some time, I remember you taking the time to educate me, share resources, and so on. You saved me, quite literally.”

“Although I am not a Christian, I find myself agreeing with nearly all of the information you provide on your page. I have a great respect for Christianity and having studied both Christian theology and LDS theology I find it impossible to reconcile the two, for many of the same reasons that you cite. You are correct; Mormons are not Christians. I commend you for your scholarship and for avoiding the bigotry and hatred that so many religious groups are demonstrating these days on your pages I found nothing but love for your fellow man and rigorous academic honesty.”

“I find that your materials are well researched and supported from a Biblical point of view. Thank you for having the courage to stand up for what is right. It’s sometimes a ‘thankless’ task, but I am glad someone is doing it.”

“Thank you so much for such a wonderful resource. You have done a great job with your website and your ministry. It is obvious that God has broken your hearts for the true-believing Mormon.”

“This is just a very quick note to ask for a renewal of your marvelous magazine. You folks are like the ‘Consumer Product Safety Commission’ for Christians! Please keep up the good work!”

“I own your book Questions to Ask Your Mormon Friend and have found it helpful. I use it frequently. Thank you for your concern for Mormons. I pray that God continues to raise up ministries to expose Mormonism and to help the LDS people to see the true Gospel of Jesus Christ. I was a Mormon for 35 years. I am now a Christian and am devoted to teaching Mormons biblical truths every chance I get.”

“Thank you for your books and information. It has helped me in my life more than I can express in this letter.”

“I am a 14 year-old and will enter 10th grade next year. I recently took the missionary discussions and was ready to join the Mormon Church. At the time my parents would not let me so I decided that they probably had their reasons and I would look further into the religion before arguing. I asked a Christian friend for any biblical references that he knew of that would prove Mormonism wrong. He instead e-mailed a link to your web site. I found out many things that the missionary never told me. It was rather disturbing. I won’t be joining the LDS Church now and feel a lot better about the church that I am in.”

“My wife was a devout Mormon for 45 years before finally coming out of it a few years ago. All five of our children have also now had their names taken off the LDS records. Your books were very helpful as I painfully and patiently witnessed to her for over 20 years.”

“I just wanted to let you know I think you’ve done a fantastic job with Mormonism 101. As I read the book my jaw drops lower and lower. And unfortunately, my heart gets sadder and sadder. I look forward to speaking with our Mormon friends in love and feel that I am much better equipped to do so now. Thanks for all your hard work!”

“It is such a blessing to get your newsletter each time. We just bought a home, and our realtor was looking into becoming a Mormon. I gave her your newsletter and website. She decided not to be a Mormon!”

“I want to thank you so much for your website. It helped me minister to my friend who was a Mormon. I thank God all the time for allowing me to find you. The way your website is setup is great. I was able to find out about Mormonism in a way that no other website provided. I even looked at the website and it didn’t give all of the detail that your site gives. It really helped because you give reference to every thing. It in no way bashes Mormons. It shows them the truth. Because of this wonderful website and the desire God has given you to minister to Mormons, my friend is now saved. I can never thank you enough for what you have done.”

“Bill, six years ago you made a huge impact on my life. Your ministry healed my hurt I had because of my Mormon brother. You always answered my email questions, calls, and were there when I needed someone with knowledge. My hurt has turned into pure love for the lost. God has truly worked through you on me. I now am witnessing to the lost because of your discipling me. Thank you for all you have done in my life and listening to God. Our God is so Awesome! I am so thankful God put you in my path.”

“I wanted to thank you for the help that you provided my father in his research. I am in the middle of “Mormonism 101” and it has provided so much needed information that even most Mormons don’t know about the church. Thanks a bunch!”

“I cannot help but remember how desperate I was about 7 years ago when my daughter converted to Mormonism in order to marry a Mormon in the temple. As I have reported, she left the church three years ago and has returned to worship our Lord and Savior in a Christian church…Anyway, just wanted you to know that your ministry will always have a special place in my heart and from time to time want to support your efforts so that others may come to know the peace I have and the Savior I trust.”

“I’ve been an adamant follower of MRM for as many years as I can remember. I started researching Mormonism at the age of 13 when I’d invite the Mormon missionaries over to discuss. I’m 20 now and wanted to thank you for the wealth of information you have provided me.”

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