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How Is MRM Funded?

Mormonism Research Ministry (MRM) has often been described as a David fighting a Goliath. While it is true that we don’t have the financial resources that are anywhere close to the multi-billion dollar empire of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, the Lord has seen fit to make our presence known. In doing so, we have seen many Latter-day Saints come to a saving faith in the Jesus of the Bible as many potential converts have been prevented from becoming ensnared in Mormonism.

A great majority of our support comes from folks like you who see the Latter-day Saints as a people group in desperate need of the redeeming Gospel of Jesus Christ as revealed in God’s Word, the Bible. Your investment in MRM allows us to provide many valuable materials and services, including:

  • Printing and distributing "Mormonism Researched," our quarterly publication which is sent to thousands of people free of charge throughout the world. 
  • Maintaining a full-time office which allows us to respond personally to those who have questions concerning the Christian faith and how it differs from Mormonism. 
  • Funding missions trips into Utah as well as to LDS temple openings and Mormon pageants. Such outreaches enable us to speak personally with literally many hundreds of Latter-day Saints. 
  • Educating Christian believers in countries where information and materials regarding the LDS Church are scarce. Whereas the LDS Church has been primarily known as an American religion, this all changed in February 1996, when foreign membership surpassed the membership within the US. In many of these foreign countries, the Mormon missionaries are going virtually unopposed due to a lack of information and training in the local Christian communities. Through friends like you we have been able to educate and train Christian leaders in foreign countries to defend the Christian faith against the false teachings of Mormonism.

In other words, we need you! Won’t you consider Mormonism Research Ministry when it comes to your missions giving? Each year around 300,000 people join this organization which either denies or distorts every major Christian teaching and doctrine. We are convinced those numbers would not be nearly that high if those converts had only a cursory knowledge of Mormon doctrine. Your investment helps us spread the word.

MRM is recognized by the IRS as a 501(c)3 non-profit corporation. As such, any and all gifts¹ to MRM are tax-deductible and greatly appreciated.

May the Lord bless and guide you as you prayerfully consider becoming partners with us in "contending for the faith once entrusted to the saints" (Jude 3).

Thank you!

¹Orders for materials are not deductible according to the IRS code.

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