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Judgment. Every person will be judged based on their conversion to Mormonism, whether in this life or the next, and the good works that they performed. According to one church manual, “At the Final Judgment we will be assigned to the kingdom for which we are prepared. We will be sent to one of four places: the celestial kingdom (the highest degree of glory), the terrestrial kingdom (the second degree), the telestial kingdom (the lowest degree), or outer darkness (the kingdom of the devil-not a degree of glory)” (Gospel Principles, 1997, 297). Apostle Russell M. Nelson told a general conference audience, “One day we will meet our Maker and stand before Him at Judgment. We will be judged according to our ordinances, covenants, deeds, and the desires of our hearts” (“Personal Preparation for Temple Blessings,” Ensign (Conference Edition), May 2001, 34).

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