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New Jerusalem

New Jersualem. A city to be built in Jackson County, Missouri. The Book of Mormon prophesies the coming forth of the New Jerusalem that “should be built up upon this land” (Ether 13:5). Joseph Smith claimed New Jerusalem would begin with the building of a temple and that the city would become a gathering place for God’s “covenant people” (D&C 42:35-36). Neither the temple prophesied by Smith (D&C 84:1-4) nor the city was ever built. Smith attributed this failure to God’s enemies (D&C 124:51). Another name for New Jerusalem was Zion. In the Bible, the new Jerusalem is mentioned In Revelation 3:12 as a city of God reserved for those who have “overcome” earthly trials. Revelation 21:2 describes the New Jerusalem as a holy city prepared for the bride of Christ. This city will come into play only after the former heaven and earth are passed away.

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