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Temple Square Visitor’s Guide–BRAND NEW

Coming soon to a Temple Square nearest you!

One of the things that the folks at MRM like to do is share the Christian gospel throughout the state of Utah. A favorite hang out is Temple Square in downtown Salt Lake City. For years, members and friends of the MRM team have made it a regular routine to stand outside the Temple Square gates and share truth with visitors to Utah’s #1 tourist destination. We have just created a new Visitor’s Guide (written in the same style as the 2002 Winter Olympic Games edition). It has been created for dual audiences: Latter-day Saints and those who have never heard of Mormonism. See the PDF file of this newspaper before it has been officially released, which will happen in the spring of 2016.

The newspaper will be handed out at Temple Square by Christian volunteers–from high school and college students to professionals in a variety of careers. It is free and, on the masthead, clearly states that the paper is “Not an LDS publication.” Articles in the 4-page newspaper include a map of the Temple Square area, a glossary of terms, an explanation of what Chrsitians believe, common questions answered, a chart contrasting the differences, and a quiz requiring the reader to guess who said a particular quote at General Conference. We think it has a little bit of something for everyone! Share this link with your Latter-day Saint friend and ask what he/she thinks about it.

Click here to see the Temple Square Visitor’s Guide in PDF format! 

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