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Take the Repentance Quiz!Eric Johnson in the Free Speech Zone, Brigham City, Utah

Introduction to Salvation

LDS Requirements

 Grace vs. Works

The Miracle of Forgiveness (Spencer W. Kimball)

The Future

Reviews of Teachings of Presidents of the Church


      Plan of Salvation


     Obedience/Righteous Living


Short Videos from God Loves Mormons

  1. Can we trust our feelings?
  2. Can we be saved by our works?
  3. James 2 (Faith Without Works) explained
  4. Why do Christians emphasis the cross so much?
  5. Does the Bible teach you’re a good person?
  6. Did Jesus teach exaltation (John 10)?
  7. Did the Atonement happen in the Garden of Gethsemane?

Podcasts (Salvation)

Podcasts (Godhood)


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