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To “have an answer for everyone who asks you,” you need to be ready for those questions certain to be posed by unbelievers.

Baker Encyclopedia of ApologeticsBaker Encyclopedia of Apologetics

Norman Geisler gives the ultimate one-volume reference for Christians who seek meaningful responses to criticisms of their faith. (Hardcover, 1999, 841 pp.).


Christian ApologeticsChristian Apologetics

Norman Geisler covers numerous topics in this volume including atheism, agnosticism, fideism, and pragmatism. First published in 1976, this book also includes a look at the authenticity of the Bible, the reliability of the New Testament, and the deity and authority of Christ (Hardcover, 2003, 393 pp.).


Encyclopedic Dictionary of Cults, Sects, and World ReligionsEncyclopedic Dictionary of Cults, Sects, and World Religions

Formerly titled Dictionary of Cults, Sects, Religions, and the Occult, authors Larry A. Nichols, George A. Mather, and Alvin J. Schmidt provide reliable information on the history and beliefs of nearly every form of religion active today. This extensively revised edition includes new topics, updated information, and a brand-new format for a clearer, more organized approach.


Hard Sayings of the BibleHard Sayings of the Bible

A 3-in-1 volume that includes the Hard Sayings of Jesus (FF. Bruce), The Hard Sayings of the Old Testament (Walter Kaiser), and The Hard Sayings of Paul (Manfred T. Brauch). (Hardcover, 1996, 808 pp.).


New International Encyclopedia of Bible DifficultiesNew International Encyclopedia of Bible Difficulties

Gleason Archer’s invaluable resource for working through difficult passages of Scripture—or conversing with those who believe that “the Bible contradicts itself.” Without resorting to simplistic solutions, Archer makes a compelling case for the unity and integrity of Scripture, providing answers for skeptics and assurance for those confused by apparent discrepancies. (Hardcover, 2001, 476 pp.).


Pocket Dictionary of Apologetics & Philosophy of Religion: 300 Terms and Thinkers Clearly & Concisely DefinedPocket Dictionary of Apologetics & Philosophy of Religion: 300 Terms and Thinkers Clearly & Concisely Defined

C. Stephen Evans offers a quick reference guide to 300 terms and thinkers related to apologetics and the philosophy of religion. Terms ranging from a posteriori and a priori to worldview and worship are covered as well as brief biographies of numerous thinkers in the world of philosophy and religion. Also included are short descriptions of the major religions, including Buddhism, Confucianism, Wicca, etc., along with descriptions of religious movements like Arminianism and Puritanism. (Paperback, 2002, 128 pp.).


When Critics AskWhen Critics Ask

Norman Geisler offers clear and concise answers to over 800 questions critics and doubters raise about the Bible. This volume gives critical commentary on the Bible as well as explanations to difficult passages that are often misused by various cults.


When Cultists AskWhen Cultists Ask

Norman Geisler and Ron Rhodes offer explanations to the many “proof-texts” false religions use to support their views. (Harcover, 1997, 365 pp.).


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