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The Biblical Doctrine of the Trinity

trinityBy Eric Johnson


The biblical doctrine of the Trinity has been unduly criticized for many years. The objections by Mormons, Jehovah’s Witnesses, and Muslims might come in statements and questions like these:

  • “I don’t understand it!”
  • “The word ‘Trinity’ is not found in the Bible!”
  • “Isn’t this teaching something the pagans and heretics invented?”

However, the Trinity is a vital doctrine in Christianity. (See The Athanasian Creed.) Without a proper understanding of this teaching, the biblical concept that there is one God, yet the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost are all God can easily become a mishmash. While the doctrine of the Trinity is incomprehensible–that means, it cannot be fully understood because God is transcendent (above our thoughts)–the Bible contains information for a person to grasp the fundamental teachings. James White explains the importance of this doctrine:

If we have defective knowledge or worse, if we have wrong information and have been deceived, our worship is either lessened (due to simple ignorance), or it is completely invalid, as the worship of idols and false gods (The Forgotten Trinity, p. 194).

E. Calvin Beisner adds,

The dividing line between “the faith” of Christianity and faiths which are not Christian is a line built of doctrines–doctrines which are essential to the faith (God in Three Persons, p. 11).

This page is a resource for our readers to gain an appreciation of the doctrine. I am purposely keeping the articles on the Trinity short and to the point. At the bottom we have links to other resources as well, including those that are off-site. If you have any questions that we did not answer here, please email us: [email protected]. We want you to appreciate this important teaching in biblical Christianity and worship God as He really is. As the hymn declares, “Blessed Trinity!”

Articles on the Trinity

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  6. What is the early history behind the Trinity?
  7. Does the Bible really say that Jesus is God?
  8. What the Trinity is NOT (heresies of the Trinity)
  9. Is understanding the Trinity necessary for one’s salvation?
  10. What have Mormon leaders said about the Trinity?
  11. Does the Book of Mormon support the idea of the Trinity?
  12. Was the Trinity created by the Council of Nicaea?
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