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  • MRM Promo Video: This video, which was produced in 2009, explains a little more about our objectives at Mormonism Research Ministry. This is a great video to show a pastor who wants to learn more about what we do.
  • What if Latter-day Saints Called Themselves Mormon? (2:53): Bill McKeever shows why Mormons should not insist on being called “Christian” if the term has a historical meaning much different than what Mormons would like to give it.
  • Don’t Stereotype Mormons (1:16): Bill McKeever says that you should ask questions to Mormons and assume nothing.
  • Is it Time to Embrace the LDS Church as Christian? (49:32): Some would like to call Mormonism Christian based on “changes” that have taken place, but is this an accurage assessment?
  • Mormon and Christian Academic Dialogue (1:13.26): Bill McKeever gives a talk at the EMNR conference in Denver on April 12, 2013 on the topic of recent dialogues between Mormon and Christian scholars.
  • Why Mormons Leave by Sandra Tanner (1:18.06): Sandra Tanner (Utah Lighthouse Ministry) gives reasons why Mormons leave the Mormon Church.

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